Thursday Steelers Poll Question: What grade do you give the Steelers 2010 NFL draft?

Ok, the poll today is draft grades. We have all had time to fully digest everything and read up on all of the players. Sorry, but no minuses here. Feel free to round up or round down to the closest grade. Please vote once and remember this poll closes in 24 hours. If you have suggestions for future poll questions, shoot them to me on Twitter.

  • dave

    I’ll give the standard disclaimer that you can’t really judge a draft for 3 years, but that said….I liked the 2010 draft class. On paper, I like it more than I liked the 2009 class. It helps to pick 18 instead of 32.

  • mario lopez

    In a draft that was supposed to be deep in D lineman, & other “NEED” positions, Colbert, Tomlin & scouts missed the “bus”…Yes I know we need LB’s but BIG SNACK isn’t getting any younger & Aaron smith hasn’t stayed healthy for a full season lately…& keisel isn’t what he used to be either…