Steelers Sign 6th Round Draft Pick WR Antonio Brown

The Steelers signed wide receiver and 6th round draft pick Antonio Brown to three-year contract that included a $73,075 signing bonus on Tuesday. The contract totals out at at almost 1.29 million dollars and breaks down base wise as follows: 2010: $320,000, 2011: $405,000 and 2012: $490,000. Brown, a slot receiver who racked up 305 receptions in three seasons for Central Michigan, hopes his return ability can help him land a roster spot with the Steelers. The 5-foot-10, 180-pounder led the nation in punt returns as a junior in 2009 and returned five punts and kickoffs for touchdowns in his college career. The Steelers now how 4 draft picks under contract with more to follow this week.

  • dave

    When you look at these contract dollars, to me it really shows that rookie salaries are only out of line for the first rounders, and maybe even only the first 10-20 picks of the first round at that.