Maurkice Pouncey Works At First Team Center On Wednesday

The Steelers returned to the practice on Wednesday and first round draft pick Maurkice Pouncey was working at first team center in the team portion of practice in place of veteran Justin Hartwig. Pouncey received all the first team 11 on 11 snaps today. Pouncey looks to be headed to start the 3rd preseason game versus the Denver Broncos on the road this Saturday and if all goes well, one would assume he has indeed unseated Hartwig for the job and will be the odds on favorite to start the season as the first team center. If indeed it comes to fruition, the Steelers have to decide what to do with Hartwig and he would likely be headed for a release in the final roster cuts on September 4th. I have been warning since July 1st that Hartwig should not be considered a roster lock.

  • dave

    It would be nice if we could get something in return for Hartwig, like we did for Mahan a couple years ago….even if it’s just a 7th rounder.

  • admin

    Sorry, not going to happen in my opinion. Might even ask to be released in first round of cuts. Would not surprise me. Would you trade for him? Didn’t think so.

  • dave

    Yeah, true…. It’s not totally impossible – I’d rather have Hartwig than Mahan, and we ended up getting something for Mahan in a similar situation…but I agree, it’s not likely to happen. And you’re right, if they don’t get any takers for a trade, they might do Hartwig a favor and release him early so he can try to catch on with another team.

    Great for Pouncey – he’s ahead of even an optimistic schedule. I figured he’d start as a rookie, but not in week 1 and not at Center.