2010 NFL Season Predictions Standings

Every season I go through the whole NFL schedule game by game and try to predict each game winner before the start of season. This year is no different and below are the ending standings of my 2010 NFL season predictions. Here is the game by game excel file with each game. You can read our Steelers 2010 season preview and prediction here.

AFC EastAFC NorthAFC SouthAFC West
Jets (14-2)Ravens (10-6)Colts (12-4)Chargers (14-2)
Patriots (12-4)Steelers (10-6)Texans (9-7)Broncos (3-13)
Dolphins (8-8)Bengals (9-7)Titans (9-7)Chiefs (4-12)
Bills (5-11)Browns (3-13)Jaguars (4-12)Raiders (6-10)
NFC EastNFC NorthNFC SouthNFC West
Cowboys (11-5)Packers (12-4)Saints (14-2)49ers (11-5)
Giants (9-7)Vikings (11-5)Falcons (10-6)Cardinals (9-7)
Eagles (8-8)Detroit (5-11)Panthers (4-12)Seahawks (5-11)
Redskins (6-10)Bears (2-14)Buccaneers (4-12)Rams (2-14)

Wild Card Round

(3) Colts over (6) Steelers
(5) Patriots over (4) Ravens

(3) Cowboys over (6) Falcons
(5)Vikings over (4) 49ers

Divisional Playoffs

(1) Chargers over (5) Patriots
(2) Jets over (3) Colts

(1) Saints over (5) Vikings
(2) Packers over (6) Cowboys

Championship Games

(2) Jets over (1) Chargers

(2) Packers over (1) Saints

Super Bowl
Packers over Jets