James Harrison Knocks Out Browns Cribbs & Massaquoi – Video Animated Gifs

Steelers linebacker James Harrison had two huge hits in the second quarter against the Cleveland Browns in the week 6, 28-10 win. Below are the video replay animated gifs and each are linked to the play on NFL.com. The first one on Joshua Cribbs is legal for sure and a clean hit, but I have a feeling Silverback Deebo will be fined for the second one on Mohamed Massaquoi. Both Cribbs and Massaquoi did not return from these hits.

Vote below on if he will be fined!

James Harrison knocks out Joshua Cribbs

Deebo TKO #1

James Harrison knocks out Mohamed Massaquoi

Deebo TKO #2

  • Stephen

    Actually thats not how its done. Both hits were dirty. The one on Cribbs may not have been “intentional” but its still helmet to helmet which is against the rules.

  • PA2AK

    Check you facts Stephen…that IS how it’s done…legal too! better tighten that chin strap next time around.

  • Stephen

    really? where do they teach to lead with the helmet? oh thats right nowhere… but its ok for harrison to do it cause he plays for the steelers… Just want the NFL to be consistent. If your gonna throw flags to “protect” players throw the flag every time.

  • Robby

    Fined for both & suspended hopefully. Both hits looked intentional, there was nothing “close” about the first hit. Led with his head directly into the helmet of Cribbs. On the 2nd, the NFL rule on defenseless receiver states that a player making contact with helmet, facemask, shoulder, or arms to a defenseless receiver’s helmet will receive a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty & that hit too was obviously in violation of the NFL rule. Harrison went out an intentionally took out 2 players with blows to the head & he should not be allowed to return to the field until both Cleveland players can return.

  • Bill

    Guys please…..read the rules. These are not illegal hits. Both players were aware of their surroundings and part of the play. gotta keep your head on a swivel fellas. I would highly doubt there is a fine for either.

  • PA2AK

    if you don’t want to get drilled coming across the middle…don’t go across the middle. The cribbs hit was just coincidental…harrison was the 3rd person to touch him in that split second of the play. If he can calculate where he will end up after the other two guys(woodley & #79) hit him, i guess harrison isn’t the big dumb deebo everyone make him out to be. The second hit harrison clearly led with his hands. The fact that it was helmet to helmet was just coincidence. If they were to flag every helmet to helmet hit that was violent….we’d never see a play without a penalty. Watch your favorite running back every play. watch the lineman and linebackers….should the linemen get fined for hitting a LB the same way? Strap it up and play some football. oh….and don’t go across the middle when you’re in silverback country.

  • bestertester

    Imagine if there was a suspension every time a linebacker made helmet-to-helmet contact with a ball-carrier in the NFL! Some people (no names mentioned, Stephen) confuse the rule protecting a defenseless receiver and think it applies to ball carriers.

  • Stephen

    really im confusing the rule on “protecting” a defenseless receiver? Not really cause im not talking about that rule… In 1996 the NFL made a rule change saying defenders making helmet to helmet contact would get flagged for personal fouls and subject to fines. So before you steeler fans tell me i dont know the rules… check them yourself… both hits were dirty whether or not he got flagged.


  • Don

    Sometimes James Harrison looks like a shark out there, cruising along, looking for something to eat.

    On the hit on Cribbs, there was a blocker to go around, and Cribbs was slowed up by Woodley, so Deebo hit him early and high. On the “defenseless receiver”, he looked to be delivering a double forearm to the receivers chest, until Massaquoi “defended” himself and ducked his head. If Deebo had delivered a form tackle on that play, I think he could have killed him…

    He’ll probably be fined 50 grand.

  • TT

    The hit on Massaquot was totally legal. Harrison did not leave his feet in a lunge, he did not hit him helmet to helmet AND Massaquoi started to duck to protect himself. If Harrison would have waited any longer, Massaquoi might have caught the ball. If anything, that is a textbook NFL tackle according to the NEW HIT RULES. A few years ago, Harrison would have decapitated him with a helmet to helmet blast that would have sent helmets flying into orbit! You wanna blame someone? Blame Colt McCoy! He hung Massaquoi out to dry with that one. Rookie mistake hurt his player.

  • steelers_fan4876

    I think he should be sent out on a field — forced to run the plays like he’s the offensive player — and hit in the exact way by Ray Lewis. If he can get up after both hits and play next week, great. If he’s knocked out for a few weeks. Well, then that’s how it goes. If it’s so “legal” let him take both hits. See if he might change his mind (if it’s still working after the two helmet to helmet hits).

  • PA2AK

    steelers_fan4876 says: …. stupid chit.

    Yeah… Grrrreeeeat point. Rah-Tard. The best offensive players that are able to stick around in the league for long periods of time have at least this in common….they know how to avoid the big hit. Massaqua didn’t feel it coming and McCoy just didn’t want to hold on to the ball any longer and get himself drilled. Legal hits on both. The NFL reaction is about saving face and not loosing the Moms, GF’s, and casual fans by being exposed as another violent sport like MMA. If you have played ball in your life you can’t tell me they were illegal. And if you CAN do that….did they ever really let you in the game?

  • PA2AK

    oh…on the hit to massaqua (sp.)…..

    What if Harrison actually went full out on him?

  • MrCleaveland

    Harrison is a thug. Chuck Noll complained about “a criminal element” in the Oakland defensive backfield back in the ’70s. That element now resides in Pittsburgh.

  • eldaveablo

    Where are the Mike Webster animated GIFs? I bet there would be some good ones.

  • bigalpt

    these posts just go to show that ALL steeler fans are morons. if ben the ripper got “accidentally” hit helmet-to-helmet ending his career, not one of these idiots would be saying hey it’s football, he needs to tighten his chinstrap. they’d all be crying about how the offender should be sentenced to death and everyone associated with his team should be suspended for life.