Steelers Offensive Line Breakdown Through First 4 Weeks Recap

The first quarter of the Steelers 2010 season is in the books and it is time to recap the play by play breakdowns of the first 4 weeks of the season and post the totals. I have linked to each individual breakdown page so as you can go back and look at that weeks play by play breakdown.

Total Through Weeks 1-4

PlayersPlays YesNo %Yes
Jonathan Scott8882693%
Chris Kemoeatu2001861493%
Maurkice Pouncey2111921991%
Ramon Foster2623388%
Trai Essex101871486%
Max Starks1301102085%
Flozell Adams1811522984%
Doug Legursky93751881%
Tony Hills2518772%

Week 1 Falcons

PlayerPlays YesNo %Yes
Chris Kemoeatu5856297%
Maurkice Pouncey5856297%
Trai Essex5851788%
Max Starks3933685%
Jonathan Scott1916384%
Flozell Adams58461279%

Week 2 Titans

Doug Legursky12120100%
Maurkice Pouncey 5453198%
Jonathan Scott4746198%
Flozell Adams3836295%
Chris Kemoeatu 5147492%
Trai Essex 4336784%
Tony Hills2518772%

Week 3 Buccaneers

Chris Kemoeatu4138393%
Jonathan Scott2220291%
Flozell Adams3531489%
Ramon Foster2421388%
Maurkice Pouncey4942786%
Doug Legursky3327682%
Max Starks4133880%

Week 4 Ravens

Ramon Foster220100%
Chris Kemoeatu5045590%
Max Starks5044688%
Maurkice Pouncey5041982%
Flozell Adams50391178%
Doug Legursky48361275%
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