You Need The James Harrison Hits In The NFL Roger Goodell, You Hypocrite

The word came out this afternoon that Patriots linebacker Brandon Meriweather, Falcons defensive back Dunta Robinson and Steelers linebacker James Harrison all have been fined by the league office with Harrison getting the largest fine of $75,000, $25,000 more than both Meriweather and Robinson because he is termed as a repeat offender.

What NFL football operations executive Ray Anderson and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fail to see is that the NFL needs these type hits. They profit from these hits too. NFL Films has released these video compilations since as long as I can remember. These hits are shown over and over again on the NFL Network and ESPN. They have top 10 list dedicated to them. Does the NFL make money off these? You bet your ass they do.

If you do not like watching these hits, you are as big of a hypocrite as Anderson and Goodell are. You know you like to see them, even if your favorite team or player is on the receiving end of it. You like them even more if your favorite team or player is the one delivering them. Does this mean we want to see every player become Darryl Stingley? Hell no. We want them to be OK, but it is part of the game. These players know the risk going in, they are paid well for taking said risk.

Now I am sure you are saying there is a line. Of course there is a line. There should be a committee of 5 ex-players that review these. If all 5 ex-players on that committee can agree that these hits were egregious and obviously flagrant then fine and suspend the player. These hits are obvious to differentiate and if you can\’t, then no fine or suspension. In the case of Harrison though, these two type of hits have existed since the beginning of the game. You know it and I know it. To come out and say all helmet-to-helmet hits are out is foolish. Build a better helmet if the current ones are not doing the job. If they weigh 40 lbs, so be it.

As far as the quotes from Harrison on him wanting to hurt people, intimidation is part of the game. Hello? Remember Jack Tatum, the man responsible for the Stingley hit? I HATED it when the Steelers had to play the Raiders way back in his day, because I was worried that man would decapitate Lynn Swann and John Stallworth. Even though there was not social media and Twitter in the 70\’s and early 80\’s, those interview clips made the rounds as did the quotes in the papers that Tatum will spew. You can not tell me the players did not read or watch these comments. You can\’t tell me some players were not feared more than others around the league. Just ask the players who played the game. They will tell you and many already have.

The NFL claims they are doing it for player safety. Bullcrap! When you try to ease up or not get hurt, that is when you yourself can get injured. If the NFL is so concerned with how it looks, why let the replays of bad injuries and big hits be shown over and over again? After the game Sunday I uploaded animated gifs of both the hits Harrison dished out on Sunday. Since then my server has almost crashed twice because of the increase in traffic of people searching for replays of said hits. How do I know? That post has 27 times more views than any other page and the leading search term used to find that page in the search engines has been, “james harrison hit”. My web stats do not lie.

So why do you suppose this is happening? I will tell you why. People like seeing it. Plain and simple. The NFL needs these hits. I know it, you know it and Commissioner Goodell knows it. Stop messing up the game. It ain\’t broke and your trying to fix it.

  • Craig

    You’re a complete moron! The Harrison hit we totally premeditated and with intent to injure. He’s just a real dirty player. There’s no place for these type of cheap shots.

  • Tim

    Go change your diaper Craig.
    Sissy! Bet your a lib? Sissy!

  • Garrett

    You are an idiot, James Harrison is not a dirty player, he is a physical, violent, hard hitting beast, and he is the type of player that us real fans watch the NFL to see. Go back to your soccer game, pussy.

  • karl

    craig is the type of fan that Goodell is trying to appease. Liberal, sqeemish, girlie-men,….!
    He probably drives a prius too

  • ACE

    Craig all hits are premeditated. This is the sport of football. They are going to destroy our game and ex players, current players, and coaches need to stand up to this. A football play happens too fast to think about a rules that are out of control.

  • Dick Fourth


    You posess what specific mind reading ability wherein you know for a fact that the hit was premeditated? Obviously you have very little grasp of physics, and even less understanding of the way individuals move in a fast-paced game such as professional football. “Leading with the helmet,” “intentionally,” is about the stupidest thing a person could do as they stand just as much chance of being injured as the other party.

    You’re an idiot.

  • marie

    This is due to the liberal assholes in sports media today..They are less than a man due to low testosterone levels and limp wrists! Craig seems to fit this model..

  • Jay

    yes.. im sure that on sunday morning James Harrison sad”Ya know what, first chance i have at a running back or a reciever who lowers his head when im about to hit him, im gonna risk my own neck and smash this mother****** right in his helmet with my own helmet.. craig you sir is whats wrong with this game.. stop being a moron and know that the reason that these guys get MILLION DOLLAR PAYDAYS is because of the risk involved… WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN is pussy ass roger goodell needs knocked outta office, put some pads on and let harrison have him come over the middle.. see what happens then.. i guarantee a pair of soiled mankinis on goodell (or as i like to call him, roger FAILdell) and a new healthy respect for the game he is supposedly looking out for….

  • Zeus

    I just mailed $1 to Roger Goodell to be applied toward James Harrison’s outrageos fine, along with a letter to Mr. Goodell urging him to take a look at any of the games from the 1960s and 1970s that are replayed on the NFL Network and on ESPN Classic (games that formed the basis for my love of the game) and try to compare the way those games are played to the watered-down product that the NFL is trotting out on the field today. It is almost as if they are not the same game. The sad truth is that the NFL has been and is destroying the game that I have loved all my life. I signed my letter “Hopefully Not A Former Football Fan.” I urge anyone who shares this sentiment to take the same action.