James Harrison Hit On Ryan Fitzpatrick Video

Steelers linebacker James Harrison will be talked about yet again this week after being flagged for roughing the passer and hitting the crown of his helmet against Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday. The animated gif and slow motion video is below so you can see for yourself.

Harrison has already fined a total of $100,000 so far this season for what the league deemed illegal hits The latest hit on Sunday could draw even more scrutiny from the NFL and perhaps a another fine and even suspension. “It\’s not going to change the way I play,” Harrison said, via the AP. “There was nothing wrong about the play.” Harrison has consistently insisted that he plays within the rules.

Harrison was not fined last week on a similar hit on Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell.

Harrison hit on Fitzpatrick

  • Puderbar

    The “crown” is the top of the helmet. The idea is to avoid spearing. The initial contact was from his facemask to the chest. Bad call.

  • Harry Elliott

    Bad calls are going to happen, but when a second string QB that went to
    Harvard gets the benefit of the doubt against a one time NFL Defensive
    Player of the Year, that made what was arguably the most exciting play
    in Super Bowl history, then I’d say the League should seriously look themselves
    in the mirror. Everyone knows the SERIOUS injuries occur at or around the
    line of scrimmage when 300+ lb lineman roll up on each other and running
    backs. Should they be required to lose weight? Finess football
    and winning on style points and technicalities is not what make the game
    great. Bone jarring hits bring the fan out of there seat just as much as a 90 yard
    run or pass play. Don’t radically change the culture of this great game!!!!!

  • nasty

    Stop crying rules are there for a reason Harrison is a dirty player next one is a suspension hahahahaha

  • rrodking1

    TERRIBLE CALL!!!! this is football tell the offensive line to BLOCK thats why they make millions right??? and Nasty must be a “COWGURLS” fan

  • Sliver

    The NFL is leading the way to the pussification of Footbal just like the NHL did to Hockey !

    Figure skating with sticks ! Soon it will be the National Flag Football League

  • clear2me

    what r u people looking at? Harrison’s helmet hits his chin and his head snaps back while standing still.
    can’t the friggin cheat wrap him up by the waist. talk about pussification. i’d like to see Harrison standing still and have some nail him at full speed with a helmet under the chin. f’er shoulda quit.