Jeff Reed Patriots Post Game Press Conference

Kicker Jeff Reed was wearing a “Haters Hate” shirt after the game and addressed the media in which he let loose on the turf, the fans and the media. The audio is below.

[audio:|titles=Steelers Jeff Reed Patriots Post Game Press Conference Week 10]

Jeff Reed Haters Gonna Hate T-shirt

Jeff Reed kick

Jeff Reed Haters

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  • deuce

    He makes an excuse, then says he’s not going to make excuses.


    Jersey Jets will be needing a kicker…

  • John

    Cory, you gotta check to see if there are facts before making them up. In the last three seasons, Reed had FG made percentages of 92, 87 and 87. That’s a fact, jack.

  • Trisha

    Good for you, Jeff! You rock!

  • Alan Kavanaugh

    Steelers Fans!!

    We lost because we couldnt figure out Tom Brady and the Patriots offence. Cant blame it on the kicker!!
    I support Jeff! He’s a team player!! And I love all my Steeler Players!!


    Alan K (Prince George, BC, Canada)

  • Chris

    If you’re going to make fun of someone with a poster, you should really know the difference between your and you’re.

  • Scott

    Hahaha he is making excuses, but said he wasn’t going to make any. You suck dude. Go get drunk and piss in a parking lot.

  • Geoff

    Jeff Reed is the epitome of a knob job. i hope his career is done…at least his football career.

  • Notevenworthit

    Who cares if talks about the field? It’s grass… That’s it. It doesn’t have feelings, it can’t cry, and it sure as hell can’t hear him. So stop crying about it. And who cares if he said something about the 5 percent of the fans who don’t like him. That’s how he feels. Is he not allowed to have an opinion because he plays professional football? He is a human, we aren’t perfect. We make mistakes and have bad days. Anyone who thinks they can do his job better than prove it. He’s having a bad season, so is Fleury but you as soon as makes a great save everyone is back on the bandwagon. It’s like no one has their own opinion anymore and instead repeats everything those stupid sports writers say. He helped win many games, but I suppose everyone has forgotten those because they are in the past. Who is to say he won’t do better next year or even next week? I hope the next team he plays for beats the hell out of the Steelers so all those who talk about him now can sit in stupidity they’ve dished out. Also on a last note, it’s a game, a person, and team. Who cares what goes on it whether we win or lose because at the end of the day nothing changes. No one died, no one is losing their house because Reed missed a field goal, and we all have to work the next day.

  • Alan J

    What’s hilarious, and so indicitive of Western PA education is that someone took the time to make a sign with his mug on it, but didn’t bother to check their grammar.