Roethlisberger Getting It Done On 3rd Downs Thus Far In 2010

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has only been back for 4 games, but he has made an impact in so many ways, especially on 3rd downs. Through the first 4 games of the season, Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch combined for 16 completions on 30 attempts on the 3rd downs for 174 yards. That included one touchdown and one interception and a YPA (yards per attempt) of 5.80. The QB rating for that stat line is 67.9. They also combined for just 8 1st downs converted out of those 30 attempts.

Roethlisberger on the other hand has been blistering it on 3rd downs in his 4 games back as he is 21 of 33 for 319 yards. He has 4 touchdowns with only 1 interception and a gaudy 9.67 YPA. His QB rating on that line is 123.2, a league best right now. Of course he only has about half the attempts that most of the starters around the league have through week 9 as the table below shows. Not showing in those number is the fact that Roethlisberger has converted 16 of those 33 3rd down throws into 1st downs. That is almost 50%.

If that is not enough, the first 4 games without Roethlisberger saw the Steelers convert only 10 of the 49 total opportunities they had for a 20% conversion rate. In the last 4 games since Big Ben has returned, the Steelers are 22 of 53 on all 3rd downs for a 42% conversion rate.

In the last table I have also included the career 3rd down passing numbers of Roethlisberger since coming into the league and if you are curious is carrer QB rating on 3rd downs including this season is 87.2. Not too shabby.

2010 NFL Quarterback 3rd Down Passing Stats Through Week 9

Ben Roethlisberger21333199.6741123.2
Michael Vick213639711.0320115.2
Ryan Fitzpatrick46675327.9451111.0
Drew Brees57906487.2092108.9
Matthew Stafford17282127.5720108.0
Sam Bradford55926086.6160101.2
Vince Young25443097.024199.5
Matt Ryan54876707.707398.3
Kevin Kolb23361905.282095.8
Tom Brady39714987.016293.5
Kerry Collins18261696.503293.3
David Garrard32473477.383293.1
Josh Freeman45695217.551092.7
Chad Henne48785036.454192.0
Tony Romo34504519.023391.3
Matt Schaub33593586.073090.9
Philip Rivers50897268.165387.6
Mark Sanchez40805657.064184.6
Peyton Manning43754956.604284.0
Matt Cassel31653946.063082.5
Aaron Rodgers46825546.767580.0
Kyle Orton43754696.253278.1
Jason Campbell27514188.202277.1
Matt Hasselbeck44693735.411176.5
Seneca Wallace14301876.232175.3
Bruce Gradkowski14321986.192172.1
Joe Flacco44805566.952369.6
Brett Favre40725457.575668.3
Derek Anderson30563215.732267.6
Matt Moore31473276.961366.5
Jay Cutler25482785.793364.4
Donovan McNabb35784565.851162.8
Carson Palmer44924945.373361.6
Eli Manning42835716.887860.9
Alex Smith36673815.692455.6
Max Hall14261515.810155.1
Jimmy Clausen16341745.120150.4

Ben Roethlisberger Career 3rd Down Passing Stats

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