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Breaking Down The Week 16 Sacks Allowed Against Carolina Panthers

The Steelers allowed 3 sacks Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers and we have the breakdowns of all of them below in animated gif form. If you click on any of the images, you can see the full size replay on If you missed are offensive line breakdown grading against the Panthers, you can read the grades here.

On the 1st sack the Panthers rush just 4 as Eric Norwood is controlled by Jonathan Scott and Chris Kemoeatu on the far side. Tyler Brayton starts head up on Maurkice Pouncey who handles him fine. Brayton then loops way around the outside of Scott and is never really a factor. At the snap, Greg Hardy attacks the B gap between Ramon Foster and Flozell Adams. Charles Johnson starts lined up way outside of Adams twist back around inside and Foster has problems picking him up on the switch. Adams also struggles with Hardy as well. Johnson gets there first just ahead of Hardy. You can probably give both Foster and Adams half a sack allowed here.

Sack #1 versus Panthers

Sack #1 versus Panthers

On the 2nd sack, the Panthers again rush four. Charles Johnson starts outside of Flozell Adams and twist inside behind Derek Landri who is attacking the B gap between Adams and Ramon Foster. Foster gets Johnson before passing him off to Chris Kemoeatu who had his hands full with a stunting Greg Hardy and Tyler Brayton. Maurkice Pouncey loses control of his turn with Hardy who gets the initial pressure on Ben Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger should of thrown the ball away after getting outside the tackle box, but chooses to extended the play and is eventually sacked by Landri. All in all the line gave plenty of time here and the sack gets charged to Roethlisberger here.

Sack #2 versus Panthers

Sack #2 versus Panthers

On the 3rd sack, the Panthers again rush 4 and again twist stunt Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy. Hardy is picked up fine by Ramon Foster and Maurkice Pouncey inside, but Flozell Adams allows Johnson to get inside. Eric Norwood and Tyler Brayton are twisting and Jonathan Scott barely cuts off Brayton while Kemoeatu struggles with Norwood. Johnson gets the sack so we will charge this one to Adams.

Sack #3 versus Panthers

Sack #3 versus Panthers

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  • John

    The first sack is all on Ben as well. He has Heath in the flat and a running back over the middle wide open he chooses neither, has 4 seconds to throw and gets sacked. 2 of the three sacks are Ben’s fault

  • KRY

    Disagree about the first sack. There was no blitz coming so Ben was not looking for a quick dump. The pocket collapsed so fast that when he realized he needed to dump he didn’t have time. That’s only on Ben if he failed to recognize a blitz…

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