Video Of Heath Miller Hit Against Ravens

Below is an animated gif that is linked the video of the vicious hit that Steelers tight end Heath Miller took to the head and neck while in a defenseless position. Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain was not flagged for the hit, but surely will be fined by the the NFL come Tuesday or Wednesday. Miller was down several minutes, but walked off barely under his own power. He was diagnosed with a concussion and did not return to the game.

Heath Miller Ravens Hit

  • ACE

    Thank god Heath is o k As a STEELR FAN I am happy there was no call on this play. It is part of football. You always hope for game ending injuries and not career ending. Thats what this was. STEELER NATION A WAY OF LIFE!

  • Matt

    Ace, your a jagg off. That hit was totally unnecessary. I used to play and that guy was head hunting. he could have avoided the hit. that was teh same type of hit Harrison got fined for in the Cleveland game. If the NFL is going to fine players they gotta be consistant.

  • BobSteffenauer

    You gotta be kidding me. These two were definitely out to damage someone and it happened to be our QB and TE. That is so typical of the Ravens to want to shut this down. As I said before I knew the Commish would not suspend anyone cause he hasn’t got the huevos. he would rather take their money. I am so disgusted with this. How do you play the game when you have been taught since 11 or 12 how to play the game. Hit and wrap that is what you are taught. Our guys are really good at playing the game and this pencil neck commish probably never played the game. He probably was like GW Bush and was a cheerleader. I am out…………

  • Tony

    I’m a big time Steelers fan, and I don’t believe this was an avoidable hit. McClain momentum to hit was already in play before Miller was falling. In slow motion it looks like an illegal hit, at regular speed its unavoidable. Does a defensive player have to crawl befoe he hits now. What if Harrison and Tom Brady were laying on the ground and Harrison’s helmet hits Brady’s helmet how much would he fined. I think defensive players should carry shovels and dig underneath the ball carrier or receiver to get lower. These after the game slow motion video reviews need to stop. If its not called a penalty then it should not be finable.