Harbaugh Happy Ravens Broke Nose Of Ben Roethlisberger

During his Monday press conference, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was asked about the toughness of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger as he suffered a broken nose in the last meeting and played though it to lead the Steelers to a win.  Harbaugh responded that he was impressed with Ben and went on to say, “I was glad we broke his nose and then I was very impressed that he played through it. Obviously, you can throw very effectively with a broken nose. He proved that.”

Here is the audio of Harbaugh below so you can hear the Q & A for yourself.

[audio:http://www.steelersdepot.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/harbaugh-glad-ravens-broke-bens-nose.mp3|titles=Harbaugh Happy Ravens Broke Nose Of Ben Roethlisberger]

  • dan

    that makes me sick to hear the Ravens coach Harbaugh saying he was happy that one of his players broke bens nose. sounds like a real evil man to me. hes a dirty scumbag for saying such
    a thing! if i were the steelers i would use that as motivation to go kick some dirty raven tail. the problem with Harbaugh is that he thinks his team is better and tougher. the steelers will always be the KINGS of the afc north and not the dirty ratbirds. i am outraged about what harbaugh said. the nfl should investigate him because the ravens need to play dirty to win against the steelers! iam really angry at harbaugh right now and now i hate the ravens more than ever before. this matchup
    is now a personal thing!

  • Dan = Tard


    First off, try to use the “shift” button when you type to start a new sentence. Secondly, if you really believe all that drivel you typed, you’re about as bright as your rapey quarterback is. Harbaugh thinks the world of Ben. They went to the same college, and he’s always been complimentary. Listen to the audio, dummy. It was completely tongue-in-cheek. Though I’m not surprised an IC Light Swigging hillbilly like yourself can’t understand subtlety.

  • AJ

    I’ll be ‘happy’ when Joe Sacco is lying on his bacco this weekend.

  • Joeyone1

    What would happen if Tomlin made such a stupid statement about Flacco. The media and Roger Boy would be accessing a $ 100K and telling Tomlin he will not coach any more this season. Double standards. I really thought Harbaugh had some class, but obviously, he is in the same league as his other Thugs.

  • dan

    hey dan=tard you got balls punk! dont be wise a guy! usually people like you hit the ground real fast
    and hard if someone said that to my face! this site is not meant for people to take shots at one
    another! youre probably a raven fan! You like the taste of a knuckle sandwich? i love giving them out
    to wise guys like you. big ben wasn’t convicted for rape so dont call him a rapist!

  • dan

    while you’re at it mr. tard get a haircut, you look like a hair hippie. i have short hair like a normal
    person. the girl next to you is cute, i would take her from you in second trust me. if you can beat a
    6 foot 2, 265 pound person like me good luck but the picture of you i see that would be impossible
    for you to do guaranteed!

  • jose

    Ravens are pathetic. Even Harbaugh is a thug !

  • Kitt

    To the Tard…Your comment about “rapey quarterback” is out of line. Ben was never charged. It was a get rich ploy from some chickie hoping to cash in on his $. If you want to throw stones, let’s talk about Ray Lewis and his murder charge that was dropped because he squealed to cover his arse.

  • Kitt

    And once again, the Steelers are victorious over the Ravens!!!