2011 NFL Combine Results

The 2011 NFL Scouting Combine is underway in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Lucas Oil Stadium and we are starting to compile the 2011 NFL Combine Results. The scouting combine is an invitation only event, open only to invited college players and NFL team officials. The testing and evaluations include: physical measurements, injury evaluation, drug screen, cybex test, wonderlic test, interviews, 40 yard dash, 225 lb bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 20-yard shuttle, 60-yard shuttle, three-cone drill and position-specific drills.

Below are links to each specific player position grouping. The combine stats are compiled as we receive and none should be considered official, especially the 40 yard dash times. We will fill in these links as we get the pages and weigh in results coming in

2011 NFL Combine Results: Offensive Linemen
2011 NFL Combine Results: Tight Ends
2011 NFL Combine Results: Quarterbacks
2011 NFL Combine Results: Running Backs
2011 NFL Combine Results: Wide Receivers
2011 NFL Combine Results: Defensive Linemen
2011 NFL Combine Results: Linebackers
2011 NFL Combine Results: Defensive Backs
2011 NFL Combine Results: Specialist

2012 NFL Combine Results

  • Ben

    Hey Dave, just wondering whereabouts you get the measurements and times/etc. from? Mostly wondering because I checked out Walter Football as well and they seem to be using different 40 yard dash times to you? I noticed Darryl “Buster” Skrine has a 4.45 or something 40 yard dash time but I think the NFL Network and Walter Football had him at 4.29s? I remember last year the fuss over Taylor Mays 40 yard dash and I’m wondering if your figures are the official NFL released ones? I know Walter Football is using the NFL Network figures because he reckoned they’re more accurate…

    But is there a mailing list or something you can get the results sent to you from?

  • Dave Bryan

    I watch both runs on NFL.com & the NFL Network and record the best time. A few hours later the NFL Network runs what they deem the official results on the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen. Me, wifey and the dog sift through these on the DVR for our charts. I promise you Walter and other sites use my stats as a source as I have been doing this for years. As always, no time is really “official” as it depends on how and who times them. I give you what the NFL Network reports.

  • Ben

    Ah thanks for that! Dude, you are a man with far too much time on your hands but I really appreciate it!

    If I quote your numbers I will definitely give a link back!

  • Dave Bryan

    Trust me when I say having too much time on your hands is not a bad thing. I worked VERY hard early in my life so I could retire at an early age. I now do what I love to do more than anything else and get paid to do it as well. Not a bad trade off. Be well.