Steelers 2011 Pre Draft Visits

The Steelers have now started to bring 2011 draft prospects in for pre draft visits as of today. NFL teams are allowed to host 30 non local prospects prior to the draft. Below is a running list of players we have confirmed have been scheduled for visits as of today. We will use this as our official Steelers pre draft visit list much like we did last season with the Steelers 2010 pre draft visits and will update this list as the visits happen or more are announced. Make sure to bookmark this page. First up today were the local Pitt players who do not count against the list of 30.

Pittsburgh WR Jon Baldwin 3/16/11
Pittsburgh DE Jabaal Sheard 3/16/11
Pittsburgh DE Greg Romeus 3/16/11
Pittsburgh FB Henry Hynoski 3/16/11
Pittsburgh RB Dion Lewis 3/16/11
Pittsburgh T Jason Pinkston 3/16/11
Pittsburgh S Dom DiCicco 3/16/11
Hampton NT Kenrick Ellis 3/22/11
Florida T Marcus Gilbert 4/1/11
Alabama T James Carpenter Jr. 4/1/11
South Carolina T Jarriel King 4/1/11
Virginia CB Ras-I Dowling 4/7/11
Maryland RB Da\’rel Scott 4/7/11
Citadel CB Cortez Allen 4/7/11
Boise State WR Austin Pettis 4/7/11
Auburn DT Zach Clayton 4/8/11
Baylor NT Phil Taylor 4/12/11
Texas Christian T Marcus Cannon 4/19/11
Nebraska G Keith Williams 4/19/11
San Diego St. WR Vincent Brown 4/20/11
South Carolina TE Weslye Saunders 4/20/11
Virginia Tech S Davon Morgan 4/20/11
Texas DB Aaron Williams 4/20/11
Texas CB Curtis Brown (reportedly visited)
Florida State G Rodney Hudson (reportedly visited)
California DE Cameron Jordan (reportedly visited)
Eastern Washington RB Taiwan Jones (reportedly visited)
UTC CB Buster Skrine (reportedly visited)
Tennessee WR Denarius Moore (reportedly visited)
Marshall LB Mario Harvey (reportedly visited)
Utah State CB Curtis Marsh (reportedly visited)
Louisville CB Johnny Patrick (reportedly visited)
Mississippi DT Anthony Gray (reportedly visited)
Abilene Christian WR Edmond Gates (reportedly visited)
Portland State TE Julius Thomas(reportedly visited)
North Carolina WR Greg Little (reportedly visited)
Northwestern DT Corbin Bryant (reportedly visited)

Players believed to just have had individual work-outs and not official pre-draft visits.
Middle Tennessee QB/WR Dwight Dasher
Bridgewater WR Tyler Beiler
Alabama A&M NT Frank Kearse

  • derek hillebrand

    personally i think that the steelers should definatly pick up some kind of db in the first round cause we can easily pick up linemen in the second and third rounds also another thought would be another reciever due too heinz ward almost retiring this year . just a thought

  • Rob Henderson

    Curtis Brown Rd 1

  • 68w

    Once Bridgewater College’s Tyler Beiler(WR) arrives for a workout they will be blown away, check him out.

  • aaron singler

    When he has a workout with them, I really hope they are smart and snatch up Bridgetwater College WR Tyler Beiler, check him out…dedication+determination=winning.

  • Giarc

    Based on the ’09 and ’10 pre draft visits Steelers have drafted players from positions that have had the most pre draft visits in the first three rounds. For example, last year the majority of their visits were from WR, OL, and OLB. When they drafted they drafted 1st-OL, 2nd-OLB, 3rd-WR. In ’09 the majority of their visits were from DE, OL, and WR. In the drafted their first three picks were 1st-DE, 3rd-OL, 3rd-WR. It may be that there is something that can be taken from their pre draft visits and that is whatever the majority of their visits are from they will adress at least in the first three rounds. It there is truly a pattern then it seems to suggest the Steelers will be drafting a CB, OL, DT in the first three rounds. We all were pretty sure Steelers woudl address CB, OL but it is not inconceviable for the Steelers to address DT in the 1st round and CB, OL in the second and third rounds. However, it is dificult to know for sure what order they may opt to draft a CB, OL, DT. They could easily draft best player avaliable at those postions according to their compiled draft board. They have a lot of options. If they take a OL in the first round I would look for them to draft a CB or DT in the 2nd. If you look at their current pre draft visits it appears they have brought in prospective players from the DT, CB, OL that could consevably fall into all three rounds to cover the senario above. In other words they have brought in or have shown clear interest in prospects from each of the CB, OL, DT positions that are projected and could be drafted in rounds 1-3. I can’t wait until the draft.

  • Giarc

    If it came down to Curtis Brown or Ras-I Dowling I would rather see them draft Ras-I Dowling. I think he is a better tackler and better at tracking the ball down and plucking it down for a INT. Personally, if Steelers liked what they saw I would be fine with them in the 1st round if they feared he would not make it to their 2nd round pick or if they traded out of the 1st round and one of their two second round picks on him.

  • Rob Henderson

    I’d be happy if we found a way o get both. Time for The Steelers to be creative or should I say step outside their box. Watch New England and go after one of their picks outright #28 or 33 and offer next years round 1. I’d love them to get 2 out of the 4 Aaron Williams,Ras I Dowling,Cutis Brown & Rahim Moore. Moore makes the most sense seeing our new DB coach was his coach for one year and Rahim had 10 INT’s.

  • Giarc


    That is a good point. They could get a DB in the 1st round and then pick up Moore in the 2nd.

  • Steeler Mick

    Aaron Williams 1st round looks good to me. Marcus Cannon TCU would be a great addition. Mario Harvey (special teams – speed and hitter) or Greg Lloyd will be needed to spell Farrior. and I am going to check out Beiler, to see what the buzz is on him. Steelers will draft well, as always. Living in Dallas, I always hear, “how come the Cowboys cannot draft like the Steelers?” GO STEELERS

  • Ray Mencio

    I did an interview with Curtis Marsh for my draft website and he confirmed that he did visit with the Steelers.