2011-2014 NFL Minimum Base Salaries

Based on the new CBA proposal that was ratified by the owners on Thursday, the minimum base salary of NFL players will rise $55,000 from last year. Those salaries will subsequently rise $15,000 annually over the next 3 years. Below is a chart that shows minimum base salaries broken down by year and accrued years a player has in the league. Remember that these are only the base minimum salaries and do not include signing bonuses, roster bonuses or any other LTBE (likely to be earned) incentives.

2011-2014 NFL Minimum Base Salaries By Year



  • So cool.

  • Mattatat

    This is SOOOO sad. Grown men playing a game make more as a minimum salary for 6 months than a beginning teacher would make in 10 years of taking care of our most prized possessions.

  • Drb1133

    Talented men who have worked their entire lives, every single day in order to get to where they are. Guarantee they work harder than all teachers.

  • guest

    Also if you think about this in terms of what it does to some of their bodies/minds and the fact that some of them may be in nursing homes by the age of 40 due to concussive brain injuries, they don’t make nearly enough.

  • Cphud57

    What a joke that comment is.

  • Dulaire07

    The day you can get 80 thousand people to come watch you do a math problem is the day you can make that much money…. Don’t hate the player for the people that pay to see him….

  • Seabass6989

    It takes more brains and dedication to become a doctor than a football player. Unlike football players, doctors and teachers actually help society. It sickens me what American society has become: a bunch of jock worshipers. How can a man that runs with a ball across a field make more than a life saving heart surgeon?

  • PT Cruiser

    You are correct. 1696 men make billions of dollars each year while most teachers make a modest five figure salary.

    Hey! If a few teachers, that are stellar, could make a series of vids that effectively educate millions of kids, it would be worth billions and it would save billions.

    Too bad about the hundreds of thousands of teachers that would be out of work but then teachers would get paid what they are worth, right?

  • PT Cruiser

    I agree. Let’s find a teacher that teachs a subject really well, put them on the internet and pay them like a rock star. Then all the average and below average teachers can improve the service at the local fast food place, because, by definition one-half of all teachers are below average.

  • Mr. Brooks

    Why are people crying about something that has been going on since ancient time. Spectator sports that mimic actual warfare remember there were gladiators. People are competitive and its the law of supply and demand. They’d make no money if people aren’t paying just because you don’t does not make your choice any better than what makes them happy.

  • K.J

    Its all about generated income. Not fairness. teaching is not sponsered by advertisers nor do people pay to watch it.

  • Hey_Joe

    lol. d day you read a kinder story to 60 000 grown men who pay to see you, then you’ll make such money.

  • Lil0dreamer

    So would you prefer the owners just pocket all of the money?….or are you a naive child who thinks that if they paid less for players they would charge less for tickets.

  • Maria Terrazas

    i dont think this is important. Anyone can go out and pay foot ball. teachers are the ones who make kids lifes better. What does football do to help kids?

  • Aihealthsolutions

    Hmm don’T forget about the tens of thousands of athletes that don’t make it. Would you choose a profession where the average longevity is 3 years with possible life long injuries, no guarantee of success after years of effort trying to enter as a professional for a meager 5 figure salary? If you take the minimum first 3 years and stretch them over 30, you’re only talking $50000 a year. Last time i checked teachers don’t get injured on a regular basis in a class room so think before you write next time.

  • Leam O’Connell

    Not everyone A) has or B) likes children. Not everyones lives revolve around kids…Why does teaching “kids” merit hundreds of thousands in compensation?!?! Why do people who know how miserable their salary will be take 100k out in student loans?!?! If your gonna be a g*ddamn teacher, do the job and sh*t ur mouth. I dropped out of high school and was a millionaire before 22. A teacher didnt help do a g*ddamn thing. #RealTalk

  • realtalk12

    To everyone complaining about the NFL’s salaries, you got to realize that an athlete is no different than an actor. Their job is to entertain. And teams get millions of dollars a week from ticket sales, concessions, advertisements and endorsements. They gotta pay the men who do what they do to entertain.

    P.S. Why are you on this page if all your going to leave is negative thoughts

  • realtalk12

    No, anyone cannot play football. It requires skill just like anything else. And MOST athletes are positive role models to kids. Would you rather them sit inside on their butts all day, or strive to become a champion.

  • Daybzo

    Football does alot to help kids lol! Character building; working as a team which they will do in real life at a job. Keeping them out of gangs to where they arn’t a menus to society. It teaches them alot of skills! How to rebound when your down. How to accept defeat. Leadership, self discipline, courage, and how to get over being nervous! Have a school teacher teach you that they cant! How does a teacher make a kids life better? By saying hey im a teach you a hour a day and hope you get it but at the same time teach 35 other students and if you need help get a tutor. Yeah Great job there! Teachers are there to do one thing go off a curriculum and produce test numbers! Why should a teacher make more then 55,000 a year? They do nothing but teach 35 students on a class board not one on one. Then you gotta hope you kid actually studies to even do good i.e teach there own self how to do it. If the teacher is so great why do our kids need us to teach them cause their teacher cant why do 50% percent of kids fail there state required test? If the teachers were so good and worth so much then the number should be half that take New York only 54% passed the state test scores great teaching in that state we should pay them 80,000 a year with those test score! Get real and look at statics and numbers and actually know what your talking about before you state an opinion. Just goes to show what great teaching has taught you.

  • Cause

    They did that, It’s called Khan Academy, and its free for anybody who wants to use it. People don’t become teachers for the money (if they’re doing it for the right reasons)

  • Be Reasonable

    OK, hold on. (I am a pre-med student and aspiring Cardiac Surgeon) It takes much more skill and physical commitment to be a professional athlete. To each his own I suppose. Not to mention, the median NFL salary is somewhere around 600-800k and the average NFL career lasts a whopping 4 years. An established surgical specialist can certainly earn half a million dollars, and significantly more with effort. Additionally, some particularly awe-inspiring athletes receive sponsorships, just as some particularly astute doctors will engage in research or writing on the side. I think what I’m getting at is that with effort, any goal can be reached, or amount of money earned (a clear measure of a job’s value to you). Trust me, for most athletes, the greatest achievement is not making millions, its achieving a lifetime goal through hard work. The same could be said of a doctor or just about any person who is a pro in their own career.

  • Jkt189

    You mean the teachers who spent time molding them into the young men they are today?

  • A Teacher

    You uniformed halfwit. From your message riddled with errors, it would seem you should have had more interest in who yor teachers had to say. What do teachers do? As one, let me share. We spend countless hours planning ways to help struggling students, while enriching those who are redy to move beyond. We plan individualized lessons for students. No, we DO NOT just teach to the entire room. We help mold and shape the behavior of students. We parent and nurture when unfortunately some parents cannot or will not. We encourage growth, independence, and self confidence. We tutor those students who struggle. We spend our lunch, breaks, and after school hours with students or working on our lessons and interventions. Not every teacher is great. Some are pretty terrible, but most are highly qualified, intelligent, effective professionals. The $30,000 I made after five years on the job and a five year college degree is frankly insulting and unfortunately isn’t a wage that truly supports a family. Perhaps it’s time you gave “your own self” a bit more info before running your mouth.

  • Future millionare

    Hmm then maybe you should have thought about that before you decided become a teacher. If you didn’t know that starting salaries aren’t very high for teachers, then that is your own fault. You should have done your research before going to college for that. If you did and knowingly went to college anyway to become a teacher, then its all on you. Don’t complain. I know that teachers are very important, but i also know that there are bad teachers out there too. If you are as good of a teacher as you make yourself out to be, all i have to say is keep doing what you are doing because the good teachers always get recognized for their hard work and dedication and it eventually will pay off.

  • D500

    Can someone help me to understand a particular player’s salary?

    Mike Kafka signed a 2.25MIL contract ($465K guaranteed) in the 2010 draft, with Philly (sorry; let’s say that it was with the Steelers!).

    He just cleared waivers with no teams claiming him, “with two years of minimum salary remaining on his 4-year contract”.

    Plugging the above info into the above chart, how much money did Kafka receive (before taxes) for the years 2010- 2011?


  • John Power

    Dude, the teacher who taught you how to write should not have been paid. Missing Punctuation and the misuse of prepositions are examples of why teachers are paid less. They failed to teach you the basics.

  • alice

    Soo verry true but y is that?? There’s nothing Amazing about NFL players either -_-

  • Marks2Cents

    No one is standing in line to buy $100 tickets to get into Mrs Smith’s classroom. Plus Obama’s refusal to FREE parents and students by allowing School Choice also screws top performing teachers out of more money. Supply and demand works in EVERY profession.

  • Mike

    I never knew football broke down their minimum salary by years of service. Soooo all field goal kickers with 3 or more years in the NFL are making $630,000.00 or more this season just for kicking a football? Man I wish I practiced to become a kicker they ALMOST never get hurt.

  • Mike60

    Slinging drugs or your tail is not the way to make it big in the worl!d

  • Joe

    you are a idiot…

  • Spencer Haws

    Since when is it the teachers job to take care of children? Most of them have students correct others work bc they’re too lazy to do it themselves and don’t let them go to the bathroom. All of mine did anyway. So much for an honest days work and an honest days pay! Most of them underperform. These guys contribute more to society than teachers by far.

  • HW

    so true and yet we contribute to this travesty by watching them on tv, buying products they endorse, and attending games.

  • Martindok

    This is sad. Why are you all comparing teachers to athletes. This is not a fair comparision. Yes teachers are underpaid, but the job teaching and being an athlete are two different occupations. There are many occupations that get paid more than teachers. Strippers get paid more than teachers and you can drop out of high school to do that. So dont mix apples and oranges.

  • ObiWanWotan

    Those who can’t, teach.
    Those who can’t teach, teach gym.
    – Teacher Ned Schnaeblae, School of Rock.

  • Keil Perry

    an idiot

  • RayH

    You are so right, however, the player breaks a leg and then finds himself out of a job, maybe if you are not a shoe in starter, out of work forever. There is no union to stand up to them. They make their money as quick as they can, because tomorrow I could be alll over.

  • templeva

    Great Point

  • Andrew Patton

    I guarantee you place kickers are making a lot more than the minimum. Placekickers win games, and you are hard-pressed to win without one.

  • Andrew Patton

    To become professionally skilled at anything takes about 10,000 hours of practice.

  • Andrew Patton

    Actually, the NFL players do have a union, and they still don’t have disability insurance as a benefit. As it is, contracts bind the players and the other teams, not the team signing the contract. The team can terminate the contract at any time, and the only penalties they’ll pay are the remaining installments on the signing bonus (if any).

  • rampantbombedrat

    When you’re good at math, you don’t perform in a stadium for people’s amusement. You take your game to the stock market.

  • rampantbombedrat

    Hard to tell, without reading the actual contract. Many NFL contracts do not pay the same money each year. Some are loaded towards the tail end, and as much of the contract is not guaranteed, that’s funny money the player rarely sees. Also, what the player actually earns is not always the same as what counts against the salary cap, and the latter is what the fans care about.

  • rampantbombedrat

    How many place kickers leave the college ranks each year? How many kicking jobs open up at the NFL level each year? With each team only carrying one, and the good ones sticking around for a couple decades, the odds work against you.

  • rampantbombedrat

    50 year old teachers make more than 50 year old strippers.

  • jack_sprat2

    Barely literate, mostly innumerate young men, is that what you mean? If you wish to give credit, then give it to whom it’s due. Mostly to the players themselves; some to their parents and coaches. Very few of these young men are true scholars.

  • jack_sprat2

    Why do you limit your focus to jocks, sir? Why not extend it to actors, musicians, writers, artists, managers? Or. agents and shysters of all walks of life? It’s ALWAYS upon jocks that you focus your anger, folks like you. Could the reason for this be that, of all of the high-compensation fields of endeavor in America, it’s the jocks who are the blackest? Isn’t THAT what REALLY frosts your shrunken testicles, sir?

  • jack_sprat2

    Washington, D.C., like ancient Rome and Alexandria, is run, socially, by whores.

  • jack_sprat2

    What manner of “uniform” is worn by halfwits, anyway? In what realm are one’s teachers “yor teachers”, mythical Gor? Are you “redy” for some football? Speak for yourself alone, please; one of my teachers had us spend at least three hours in four in silence, while another spent much of the semester reading “Black Like Me” aloud to his SPANISH class. In four years of HS, I fell off a cliff academically, as I began a lifelong struggle with undiagnosed mental illness, yet not ONCE did so much as a SINGLE teacher (or counselor) bother to inquire as to what was transpiring. (I was in two nice suburban school districts, not a combat zone.) At least two of my school’s teachers were later imprisoned for their years of sexual abuse of underage female students, while another was a not-so-discrete gay pederast gym teacher. (Their colleagues, like Sgt. Schultz, “saw nothing.”)

  • chocolate brain

    teachers are lazy excuses for human beings. they failed at the field they were in or never actually had a clue what they wanted to do so they settled for a teaching job. I’ve never had a teacher who “molded” as you say. they are who they are from the direct influence of peers, they’re parents, their coaches and themselves.

  • SentientSam

    Easy to make and easy to spend. Many of these young men wind up broke financially and physically.

  • Donald

    Ive always found that the best was to learn was teaching someone else,

  • Donald

    So if we walk into your abode there wont be any collegiate sports wear?

  • AnonymousSkunk

    That’s the single most idiotic comment I’ve read in a long time. Your parents must be proud…if you even know who they are. LOL

  • idiotmitten

    You obviously haven’t visited a classroom lately. Schools are now the surrogate parents.

  • disqus_sBHVtOzeK7

    this is not “cool

  • disqus_sBHVtOzeK7

    Wow… This is the most inaccurate statement I have ever heard in my entire life. Do you want to try as hard as they do ever day? I highly doubt you could do half. Try it some time!

  • Ken Hasselius

    True they make a lot but the nfl is a 9 billion dollar a yr industry the commissioner makes 30 mill a yr and owners see about 20 to 50 mill a yr profits. it’s big business with high profits if you think the owners should make more I disagree these guys risk serious injury and work hard so I think they are smart to demand a piece of the pie. Just my opinion.