2011 Steelers Final 53 Man Roster Prediction 3.0 – Week 3 Preseason Edition

The second Steelers preseason game is in the books and now it is time to post my 3rd version of the 2011 Steelers Final 53 Man Roster Prediction. If you missed the pre training camp 53 man roster projection edition or the 2.0 version, you can read them by visiting the links. There will be 2 more of these as we slowly work our way down to the final 53 man prediction following the last preseason game against the Panthers.

The first change you will notice in this version is that I am now only keeping 5 receivers instead of 6. Arnaz Battle has been removed as I think the receiving corps is deep enough with the edition of Jerricho Cotchery and Battle can be replaced by another special teams player, as that was going to be his main contribution anyways. Taking his place on the 53 projection this week is Donovan Warren. I believe he has played himself inside the bubble right now and he adds depth to the cornerback position. Warren also can play special teams, so that is a plus for him. Ed Bouchette reports that Tyler Grisham is still eligible for the practice squad, so I will take his word for it.

I was tempted to drop Crezdon Butler, but I will give him another week. The emergence of Warren has likely put Butler on the bubble. Bryant McFadden is still hampered by a hamstring injury and he has had problems staying healthy since returning to Pittsburgh last season. Curtis Brown finally made it to the field against the Eagles, but Cortez Allen missed his second straight preseason game. I am not ruling out Allen being placed on injured reserve or being snuck to the practice squad if he continues to remain sidelined. He needs to hit the field next week against the Atlanta to stay on the roster in my opinion. For now I have the Steelers keeping a staggering 8 cornerbacks.

Another change this week is the addition of Tony Hills and the dropping of Chris Scott. Scott has looked very bad at both right guard and right tackle thus far and Hills seems destined now for the starting right guard spot or at the worst a reserve swing spot. I need to clarify the eligibility of Scott for the practice squad as I think that might be an option for that like Grisham.

In recapping, I have added Warren and Hills and removed Scott and Battle. On the practice squad I dropped Wes Lyons and Kyle Jolly and replaced them with Grisham and Scott.

2011 Steelers Final 53 Man Roster Prediction 3.0 Version

7 Roethlisberger, Ben QB
4 Leftwich, Byron QB
16 Batch, Charlie QB
34 Mendenhall, Rashard RB
20 Moore, Mewelde RB
33 Redman, Isaac RB
27 Dwyer, Jonathan RB
17 Wallace, Mike WR
86 Ward, Hines WR
88 Sanders, Emmanuel WR
84 Brown, Antonio WR
82 Cotchery, Jerricho WR
83 Miller, Heath TE
85 Johnson, David TE
89 Gilmore, John TE
64 Legursky, Doug G/C
53 Pouncey, Maurkice C
68 Kemoeatu, Chris G
73 Foster, Ramon G
62 Williams, Keith G
65 Gilbert, Marcus T
72 Scott, Jonathan T
74 Colon, Willie T
66 Hills,Tony T
24 Taylor, Ike CB
20 McFadden, Bryant CB
22 Gay, William CB
30 Warren, Donovan CB
39 Allen, Cortez CB
40 Brown, Curtis CB
23 Lewis, Keenan CB
28 Butler, Crezdon CB
43 Polamalu, Troy SS
25 Clark, Ryan FS
29 Mundy, Ryan FS
26 Allen, Will S
91 Smith, Aaron DE
95 Heyward, Cameron DE
96 Hood, Ziggy DE
99 Keisel, Brett DE
98 Hampton, Casey NT
76 Chris Hoke NT
92 Harrison, James OLB
94 Timmons, Lawrence ILB
51 Farrior, James ILB
56 Woodley, LaMarr OLB
97 Worilds, Jason OLB
55 Sylvester, Stevenson ILB
50 Foote, Larry ILB
54 Carter, Chris OLB
6 Suisham, Shaun K
9 Sepulveda, Daniel P
60 Warren, Greg LS
Practice Squad
48 Mortty Ivy LB
67 Anthony Gray NT
42 Da\’Mon Cromartie-Smith SS
44 Weslye Saunders TE
72 John Malecki C/G
71 Corbin Bryant DE
19 Tyler Grisham WR
61 Chris Scott G/T
Week 1 Inactives
40 Curtis Brown CB
39 Cortez Allen CB
27 Jonathan Dwyer RB
62 Keith Williams G
54 Chris Carter OLB
28 Crezdon Butler CB
65 Marcus Gilbert T
Injured Reserve
33 Baron Batch RB

  • Daddeeekip

    I feel the surprise cuts will be McFadden especially if Lewis can elevate his play and take the no.2 CB spot and Butler and put Macho and Warren in those spots. Macho can help with the punt return and possibly play CB and Safety

  • burgh_fan

    I really can’t see them keeping 8 CBs. I think the rest is pretty much spot on though.

  • I’m thinking that Miguel Chavis makes the practice squad. He was just converted from DE to TE. I can’t imagine putting the time into that experiment, if they didn’t think he had some potential at the position.

  • Grw1960

    I agree the CB situation is muddled right now,but as much as I want to root for some of them there is no way the Steelers keep eight CBs. To me Butler, Gay, are possible cuts. OR Either C. Allen or Warren could be tried to be sneaked to the practice squad. Warren could play either CB or SS and possibly fight for W. Allen’s back up safety spot next training camp.
    I just don’t see Griham being kept another season. Great hands, but I don’t see any other reason for him to be kept on the practice squad over Lyons or Greenwood.
    I agree C. Scott won’t make the roster. He needs to sign up forthe Tony Hills summer school of conditioning.
    I also think K. Williams could end up there too if the Steelers pick up an OL player off waivers the first week or two of the season.
    I also wouldn’t be surprised if they keep a 4th TE Saunders on the roster if they have any fear of loosing him when he is on waivers. Of course that fear will not exist if they find a better TE than Gillmore on the waiver wire.
    There are so many new players with potential and so few roster openings. OL and number 2 , 3 TE are the weakest areas on the roster and have the least amount of quality competion in camp.

  • Andrewjos75

    I think your list is right on. Arnaz Battle is out because the kickoffs are not being returned as much. I think Ivy and Carter are neck and neck. I think Williams and Scott are also in a battle. They will keep 8 cb for awhile until some of them get healthly. I can see them cutting a cb after the 2 or 3 games and signing someone off the practice squad.

  • Chris Scott makes the squad out of necessity. Butler is out.

  • markymarc

    Thanks for these roster updates Dave and keep up the excellent work! My only debate would be the #3 tight end spot. Right now I just don’t think you risk losing a talented tight end like Weslye Saunders by putting him on the practice squad. He will be picked up immediately IMO if the Steelers make that move.

    Also, if the Steelers are really worried about having a tight end that can block behind Heath Miller then why not just carry an extra offensive lineman and have them do those duties when needed?

  • Joe D

    I think it will be 6 WR’s….
    I also believe Steelers will try to draft Pryor…
    Trib is reporting Pryor at Steelers facility today!!!

  • mark_davis72

    My Predictions
    QB. 1. Roethlisberger
    2. Batch
    3. Dixon
    RB. 1.Mendenhall
    2. Redman
    3. Moore
    4. Dwyer
    FB./TE. 1. Johnson
    WR. 1. Ward
    2. Wallace
    3. Sanders
    4. Brown
    5. Cotchery
    6. Battle

    TE. 1. Miller
    2. Saunders

    1. Colon
    2. Scott
    3. Gilbert
    4. Kemoeatu
    5. Pouncey
    6. Hills
    7. Foster
    8. Legursky
    9. Essex
    LS. 1. Warren

    K. 1. Suisham
    P. 1. Sepulveda

    Defense Lineman
    1. Keisel
    2. Smith
    3. Hampton
    4. Hoke
    5. Hood
    6. Heyward

    OLB. 1. Harrison
    2. Woodley
    3. Worilds
    4. Carter

    ILB. 1. Farrior
    2. Timmons
    3. Foote
    4. Sylvester

    CB. 1. Taylor
    2. McFadden
    3. Lewis
    4. Gay
    5. Butler
    6. Warren
    7. Brown
    S. 1. Polamalu
    2. Clark
    3. Mundy
    4. Allen

    Practice Squad
    1. WR. Grisham
    2. S. Cromartie-Smith
    3. RB. Clay
    4. LB. Harvey
    5.DT. Mclendon
    6.CB. Allen
    7. G. Williams

    IR. 1. RB. Batch
    2. QB. Leftwich