Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Eagles – Preseason Game 2

Below are the individual coverage stats and totals from the Thursday night preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The top table is by play and consist of which Eagles player was targeted with the pass, the yards gained on the play and the yards after the catch the receiver had on the play. Also included is the number of pass rushers the Steelers used on the play and if they blitzed or not on the play. I have included the down and distance as well. There were two plays were it was impossible to tell who really had coverage. One was incomplete and the other was the 40-yard gain to the running back Lewis on the Eagles first touchdown drive.

Classic Steelers defense tonight as they allow the underneath stuff and confuse with blitzes and coverages. 40 of the 241 yards allowed came late on the dump-off to the running back. This was also 43 of the 100 yards after catch as well and was the only passing play of 20 yards or more allowed on the night.

The bottom table shows the totals for each defensive player thrown at in coverage for the Steelers as well as the completion percentage and yards per attempt.

Let me know if you find any discrepancies.

Coverage Stats By Play

1-10PHI 20D.JacksonK.LewisNO005NO
2-10PHI 20D.JacksonD.WarrenYES914NO
3-4PHI 43J.AvantW.GayNO006YES
1-10PHI 20D.JacksonW.GayYES-114NO
2-11PHI 19R.CooperK.LewisYES1604NO
1-10PHI 35R.CooperD.WarrenINT005YES
1-10PIT 45B.CelekT.PolamaluNO005NO
2-10PIT 45C.HallK.LewisINT003NO
1-10PHI 20L.McCoyL.WoodleyYES1294NO
1-10PHI 32R.CooperK.LewisNO005YES
2-10PHI 32C.HallW.GayYES1105YES
3-10PHI 43B.CelekL.WoodleyINT005YES
1-10PHI 23J.HigginsD.WarrenYES1034NO
1-10PHI 33C.HallD.WarrenYES704NO
2-3PHI 40C.HallN/ANO004NO
3-3PHI 40C.HallD.WarrenYES204NO
2-8PHI 46S.MossJ.WorildsYES783NO
2-4PIT 41C.HallC.BrownNO006YES
3-4PIT 41J.HigginsK.LewisYES876YES
2-14PIT 37C.HallL.FooteINT003NO
1-10PHI 26J.HigginsD.WarrenNO005YES
1-10PHI 20J.HigginsC.BrownYES614NO
2-4PHI 26J.HigginsC.BrownYES1004NO
1-10PHI 36J.HigginsC.BrownNO005YES
1-10PIT 47D.LewisN/AYES40435NO
1-17PIT 17E.BuckleyD.WarrenYES374NO
2-14PIT 14G.JonesC.CarterNO005YES
3-14PIT 14G.JonesM.IvyYES TD14104NO
1-10PHI 6J.HigginsC.BrownYES814NO
2-2PHI 14J.HigginsM.IvyYES524NO
1-10PHI 19G.JonesS.SylvesterYES1504NO
1-10PHI 34J.HigginsC.BrownNO004NO
2-10PHI 34D.LewisC.CarterYES874YES
3-2PHI 42R.HarperD.WarrenNO004NO
4-2PHI 42J.HigginsD.WarrenYES704NO
1-10PHI 49R.HarperN.BrinkleyYES1304NO
1-10PIT 38R.HarperN.BrinkleyYES1804NO
2-3PIT 13R.HarperN.BrinkleyYES6-14NO
1-7PIT 7G.JonesD.WarrenYES TD714NO

Coverage Stats Total

Troy Polamalu010%000.001
Larry Foote010%000.001
Keenan Lewis2540%2474.801
LaMarr Woodley1250%1296.000
Chris Carter1250%783.500
Curtis Brown3650%2424.000
William Gay2367%1013.300
Donovan Warren71070%45124.510
Stevenson Sylvester11100%15015.000
Niles Brinkley33100%37-112.300
Mortty Ivy22100%19129.510
Jason Worilds11100%797.000
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