Steelers Six From Around The Web – Monday August 22nd – Supplemental Edition

Ed Bouchette blogged this morning that at best he could see the Steelers putting in a 7th round bid on Terrelle Pryor and that pretty much goes along with what I wrote yesterday.

Dejan Kovacevic has a good piece this morning on the Steelers cornerback situation and how the scheme is the thing.

Mike Bires has a Q & A up with second year running back Jonathan Dwyer who talks about his weight loss.

Bob Labriola was able to get Mike Tomlin to sit down and talk about training camp and the 46th active man on the roster.

The AP did a story yesterday on wide receiver Antonio Brown and the progression he as made.

A documentary on the life of former Steelers quarterback Joe Gilliam, who beat out Terry Bradshaw to start the 1974 Super Bow, is in production and you can watch the trailer below.

  • Joe D

    A 7th round bid would be an insult… if that truly is the case, the Steelers would be better off not putting in a bid.
    Although I have lots of respect for Bouchette…. he has got this one wrong. Although he doesn’t say what round will be the sucessful bid.
    I say it will be a 2nd round bid by someone.
    Although I don’t see Pryor as a QB… at least not for Steelers.

  • Phantaskippy

    Our scheme pulls corners off the line so they can help run support, freeing LB’s to be more aggressive and not be responsible for outside contain. In passing downs they keep plays in front to avoid big plays and make tackles.

    The idea of our defense is to make you drive the field in as many plays as possible, while taking your run game away, only three things happen when you throw, sooner or later the bad ones will show up. Tom Brady destroys us because he is the only QB who seems to be able to hit the short passes all day long without screwing up and without biting on our misdirection we throw at QB’s all game.

    Remember Harrison’s pick in the SB? That’s what happens when QB’s get to thinking they can hit the short stuff all day, all of a sudden there’s a LB in your lane.

    The SB vs. the Hawks was a great representation of our defense, they couldn’t get good yards off a single play, and their drives inevitably fizzled.

  • Joe D

    Colts OWNER… Irsay tweets are hilarious.
    He is mocking Favre now…. lol

  • Steve Duncan

    I don’t see how anyone can see Pryor as a QB. He is an outstanding athlete, but his accuracy isn’t very good. He is an amazing athlete, and someone will take a flyer on him, but he is one of those guys with no clear position and is at least several years from playing QB if that’s where they want him. He is a lot like Tebow, who just got bounced from 2nd to 3rd on Denver’s depth chart because he is struggling…

    You already know my thoughts on where he’ll be drafted.

  • Joe D

    Raiders take Pryor in the 3rd…

  • Steve Duncan

    Raiders in the 3rd…