Candidates To Be Waived If Turner Is Signed From The Practice Squad

The hot news this afternoon after practice is that practice squad tackle Trevis Turner could be promoted to the active roster for the Sunday game against the Houston Texans due to injuries to Jonathan Scott and Doug Legursky. If indeed that does happen, the Steelers will need to either release a player or place one on injured reserve to make room for him on the 53 man roster.

From a salary cap standpoint the Steelers will likely have to release a player with less than 4 years accrued experience as after week 1 the vested players base salary is guaranteed and thus still counts against the cap. That would narrow the choice down to a few players like second-year lineman Chris Scott, rookie linebacker Chris Carter or defensive lineman Steve McLendon as the likeliest candidates.

Veteran defensive end Brett Keisel will likely be out once again this week with his knee injury so you can almost assume that McLendon is safe from being released. The choice between Scott and Carter might come down to the number of lineman that head coach Mike Tomlin decides he wants to dress this week. If he wants to dress the normal 7 then Scott could be the one to get waived. If Tomlin however wants to dress Scott as an 8th lineman, then Carter would be the likeliest player to be waived. Carter is indeed still battling a hamstring injury though and the Steelers might not want to expose their 2011 5th round draft pick to waivers. This happened last year with Thaddeus Gibson as he was waived to make room for McLendon due to injuries to Keisel and Aaron Smith. Gibson was promptly claimed by the 49ers off of waivers.

The only other option that I mentioned above would be to place someone on injured reserve for the year, but that would only happen if one of the currently injured players was expected to miss an extended amount of time. That player would still count against the salary cap as well if placed on IR, so there is no relief there. Arnaz Battle has some sort of knee injury, so depending on the severity of it, he might be the likeliest option if he is going to be out a while. There is always Bryant McFadden and his bad hamstring, but he seems like he is getting closer to being 100% by most reports and I just do not see that happening. Doug Legursky and Jonathan Scott are also injured, but by all accounts they are not of the season ending variety.

Right now it seems like it could be Scott or Carter that get waived and my money is on Scott right now. If the move indeed happens it likely would not be announced until late Friday or early Saturday. We shall see soon.

  • John B

    out of the ones you named, i’d see C. Scott as the best option to waive

  • Steve Duncan

    Put J. Scott on IR, or better yet cut him. Does he have the accrued years to count as a vet, or do we get cap relief if he is cut?

  • SteelersDepot

    no relief

  • Dave

    I assume he would be active on Sunday then. What is the point of cutting someone so that Turner can stand on the sidelines in street clothes?

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I hate to say this, but Carter is the guy that must be waived. We have a OLB who probably will never dress, and won’t play unless some guys get hurt in front of him.

    We started the year with 9 Olineman. Lost one on IR, replaced him. Lost 2 more to temporary injury. If we sign someone else, that will give us 8. Including the 2 new guys.

    What is the logic in signing a guy from the practice squad, yet cutting a guy who made the team as an Olineman? As of right now, Chris Scott is #6 or #7 on the depth chart. This means he dresses on Sunday and Meredith dresses on Sunday. We have no room to waive C. Scott.

  • Steelers43

    If it is Carter, the Ratbirds will get him. I read that they wanted him in the draft

  • SteelersDepot

    Good point but Chris Scott is more of a guard type and looked REAL bad during preseason at both RG & RT. Meredith has flexibility to play G & T & Turner both T spots.

  • Sorry, they aren’t cutting J Scott. Like it or not, he’s the best of a lot of bad options.

    I’ll be the first to admit J Scott has his flaws, but it’s funny listening to everyone over react about his performance on Sunday. Yes, he got beat… by Dwight Freeney. Freeney kicked the crap out of Joe Thomas a week earlier, and he’s considered one of the best OT in the league.

  • Steve Duncan

    My comments on Scott have little to do with Sunday. I’ve always thought he was terrible, Sunday was just confirmation. Look back at my other comments, I think he is a bum and I think both Essex and Gilbert are better tackles.

  • Steve Duncan

    I figured. Oh well.

  • Matthew Marczi

    I would think Jamon Meredith is the more likely candidate. After all, he was already available during the season, so what is the likelihood of the Steelers losing him to another team? And how much of a loss would that be anyway?

  • SteelersDepot

    Word is already that he will dress. He is a Kugler guy & can play both guard & tackle.

  • superbelt

    Hmm. No he’s actually the worst of a lot of bad options. Cut him, give him an injury settlement. No one is going to pick him up. When they want him back. He’ll be waiting with baited breath by his phone.
    It isn’t just after getting embarrassed by Freeney. Scott has never played well as a starter. I’ve never liked seeing him in the starting lineup. Would rather have Essex (in comparison to Scott), who is most comfortable at LT.
    Scott was a nice reserve guy to come in for a few plays, but he has been a total embarrassment as a starter. His play went from atrocious to simple liability last year.
    An improvement as the year wore on. But he’s back to being atrocious.