Sources: Troy Polamalu Fined $15K For Sunday Horse Collar Tackle

Sources have told me that Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has been fined $15,000 for his horse collar tackle of Ravens running back Ricky Williams this past Sunday. The play happened at the 4:14 mark of the 3rd quarter when Williams went off left guard for 13 yards. Polamalu was flagged 15-yards on the play.

Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo also was flagged for a horse collar tackle on Antonio Brown earlier in the game during the kick-off following the Ravens first touchdown and there is no word yet that he has been fined for that play.

Polamula has been pretty vocal about the fine process over the last several years and said back in 2008, “It has more to do with money and not really with our safety.” Polamalu also weighed in last November on the fine process and said he thought that current players and team officials should be involved in deciding punishments instead of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and that the league has been opposed to it.

The Pittsburgh media are likely to get more reaction to his latest fine on Thursday before practice.

  • Steve Duncan

    This is utter BS. Charles Woodson gets 10k for a punch and troy gets 15 for a HC? While Ayanbadejo gets nothing?

  • Plus its not as if it was an flagrant horse collar. He clearly had a grip on his shoulder and his hand slid. Yes it was definitely a penalty. But certainly not worthy of a fine.

  • Grizzzzz

    once again, no fallout for the team not named the steelers! wow! not only did we lose, but goodell bent us over again with this! so the drama with all the fines begins again, this time troy is the target instead of james.

  • Mellymorales07

    I been watching steeler football since I was 5 and now I’m 31 watching them play is what made me a steeler fan but watching my team the way we have been treated in the last 3 years is a slap to the face !! We as the fans see how they hold us, rough are qb,and cheat us right before are own eyes and the refs don’t do anything about it !! We as Steeler Nation just have to put up with it !! Well still make it to the big games even if the commis and the refs don’t want us there !! Go Steelers !!

  • SeeitCallit

    While I think that fine is a little steep, I am surprised he doesn’t have an additional fine for throwing punches during the skirmish that Taylor got flagged for. He is lucky that he didn’t get ejected. While on the topic, at least he had to courage to say his emotions got the best of him and apoligized for his unprofessional behavior, but Taylor hasn’t said anything for bitch slapping a player sitting on the ground. While the head butt might have been unintentional, you can’t argue with the complete disrespect that action instigated.

  • Dgh1957

    No Ravens players were even flagged for illegal chop blocks but we get fined for a horse collar tackle!!!!! Does Troy plan to appeal this?

  • Joeyceez88

    yea i mean this is expected from goodell its time that somebody does something about it….he clearly has it out for the steeler, he didnt like them to begin with last year and it started with harrison….so he fined him the most money and kept fining steelers. Then once we reacted to his fines, and then harrisons’ comments in the off season plus the fact that the steelers were the only team to vote against the cba because of his absolute power made him dislike pitt even more. He has never liked pitt and wants to see them fail. Its clear to everyone that these fines are bs, and that he is targeting steeler players….you said it woodson gets 10 for a gut shot, troy gets 15 for a horse, and the ravens lb gets nothing yet for his horse.

  • another point that Godell is against the Steelers. There is like 10 horse collars a week and troy gets fined.

  • Steve Duncan

    They DID fine Ayanbadejo 15k for his horse collar as well. Still too much and the Woodson fine is still ridiculous.

  • Timmm57

    Yes it was stupid of Ike Taylor to do what he did, but did you see the replay? The man sitting on the ground was Michael Oher and the head butt occured after Oher punched Taylor in the lower body