William Gay To Start Again Against Texans

Mark Kaboly is reporting via Twitter this afternoon that Steelers cornerback William Gay will once again get the start this Sunday at left cornerback against the Houston Texans in place of Bryant McFadden. Keenan Lewis will come in at the outside spot in nickel packages and Gay will slide inside to the nickel cornerback spot as he has done the last several weeks. McFadden seems to have lost his spot altogether after being hampered all season by a hamstring injury. Kaboly stated that McFadden will not play at all so that could mean he will be inactive for a third straight week. According to the latest injury reports, McFadden practiced fully all last week and never showed up on any of the injury reports leading up to the Sunday night game against the Colts. He also was not listed on the Wednesday injury report released yesterday afternoon.

  • CoverCorner

    Change is in the air! and I like it. The last couple of weeks has been great. Keenan is looking good, and Gay is showing improvement in the slot. I think Lewis should start, but I like the playing time he’s getting, I’m cool until the 3 great corners on the mount (Tomlin,LeBeau & Lake) say its time.

  • Trey

    thats weird, he wasnt on any injury reports and he wont even play this sunday? that sounds funny. i’d rather have keenan start at CB and have mcfadden play nickel. i havent seen gay get an INT in 3 years!!! he will once again fail us this year.

  • Eye-In-The-Sky

    I think its time people start looking at the Carnell Lake effect. The last few years we have drafted some very athletic DBs. Lake seems to be getting a lot more out of them than Horton did. Maybe Horton,on his way out, wasn’t as committed to developing the young guys. Instead he went with Townsend, went back and found B-Mac… Now in comes Lake. Without OTA’s we saw a lot of young tatlent in the preseason and ended up having to release a lot of talent (Warren, Butler…). What we kept appears to be blending well with the experienced guys. 3 games in, we’re #1 in pass defense. Ike, Troy, Clark are doing great. Gay has a history, but he’s only had Lake for couple of months, and so far he’s looking better. Keenan is now looking like we thought he would when we drafted him. A young Ike. Maybe he’s being coached now. Carnell Lake should get a lot of credit.

  • CoverCorner

    Carnell Lake could be the best move of the offseason. When you think about Brown, Allen, Mundy with proper coaching, we could be deep in the near future. I think Horton didn’t really have his head in Pittsburgh last year, he mentally left early. The vets, B-Mac, DeShea, were easier, didn’t require as much teaching and coaching. Guys like Anthony Madison, Joe Burnett, & Crezdon Butler were casualties, fortunately Keenan survived. Brown and Allen appear to have a lot of upside. A quality coach with his head all the way in the game have a lot to work with. By the time we hit the post season, we should be ready for the Brees, Bradys, & Rodgers of the world.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Never liked Horton…I am glad he is actually gone…Lake seems to have brought a new exitement to the secondary…but time will ultimely tell