Max Starks Contract 1 Year For $810K

Gerry Dulac reported a little while ago on Twitter that the contract for newly re-signed tackle Max Starks is for one year and the veteran minimum of $810,000. The contract is believed to have included a $50,000 signing bonus in addition. The new Starks contract is believed to only count $575,000 against the cap per the discount for signing veteran players to one-year minimum deal.

In total Starks now cost the Steelers $2.575 million against the cap this year as he was already counting $2 million against the 2011 cap after being released prior to the start of camp with 2 years remaining on his last contract. Starks will also still count $2 million against the 2012 salary cap as the $4 million left in signing bonus amortization was allowed to be spread out over 2 years as he was released after June 1st.

Starks told reporters today that he never took it personally when the Steelers released him and understood the business aspect involved in the decision. He also said that he had fully recovered from his neck injury by late January and that there are no concerns moving forward. He said his neck feels great. He said that he had been in Detroit working out for the Lions Tuesday morning when Kevin Colbert contacted his agent to schedule him to come in. He will also get his old #78 number back as practice squad tackle Trevis Turner will go back to #67.

  • Intropy

    Do you happen to have the figures for what Starks would have cost this season had he not been cut? I’m wondering how different that plus the prorated rookie salary compare against the new 2.575 figure. Of course there’s no telling what the cost in terms of play quality is.

  • SteelersDepot

    $7.25 million

  • Steeler Stan

    I was just about to ask the same thing. Man, if Starks is so cheap I’m wondering what the excuse is for not signing him after that debacle in week 1 and the Colon injury.

  • NW86

    My guess is he wasn’t so cheap then. This is a huge pay cut from his last contract. It probably took him going a few weeks into the season without a contract for him to realize he was going to have to be willing to accept any offer.