Steelers 2011 Passing & Rushing Stats By Formation Through Week 6

Below are the formation rushing and passing stats from the week 5 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars along with the year to date stats through the first 6 games of the 2011 season. One word of caution. The formations are different from the actual personnel on the field as my game charters will list an h-back player at the snap as a running back. This would mean that players like Hines Ward, David Johnson or Heath Miller for example were charted formation wise as being a running back as this gives you a better picture of the formation actually used on a play. The same goes if Miller or a running back is lined up like a wide receiver. Just because the formation says 0RB 0TE 5WR does not mean 5 wide receivers were actual only the field. Keep that in mind when looking at these stats. If you want to look at the actual personnel used on a specific play, I suggest you look at the weekly offensive participation charts that show where all players are lined up on all non-penalty plays. The charting data is likely around 99% accurate as we are prone to make mistakes, but the stats below certainly give you a better picture. The fake punt is not included below in the year to date stats either.

Looking at the year to date stats, the 1RB 3TE 1WR rushing stats are still inflated thanks to the long run this past week by Rashard Mendenhall. That is 2 weeks in a row a long run has been busted out of that formation on the counter pike play. Ben Roethlisberger is very strong passing in the 10,11 & 12 formations and not so hot in the 0 and 1 with an empty backfield. Please feel free to post your comments, questions and observations below.

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Week 4 – Texans
Week 5 – Titans

Week 6 Rushing & Passing Stats By Formation Versus Jaguars

0RB 0TE 5WR4000.003267%4816.0001000
0RB 1TE 4WR2000.002150%-2-1.0000000
0RB 2TE 3WR0000.00000%00.0000000
1RB 0TE 4WR12284.009444%808.9001000
1RB 1TE 3WR126142.316350%335.5000000
1RB 2TE 2WR8471.80100%00.0001130
1RB 3TE 1WR548320.8011100%2828.0010000
2RB 0TE 3WR1000.00000%00.0000170
2RB 1TE 2WR65265.2011100%1313.0000000
2RB 2TE 1WR88384.80000%00.0000000
3RB 0TE 2WR0000.00000%00.0000000
3RB 1TE 1WR0000.00000%00.0000000

Year To Date Rushing & Passing Stats By Formation

0RB 0TE 5WR442178.50341647%2186.43252181
0RB 1TE 4WR18000.0015747%593.90012170
0RB 2TE 3WR2000.0022100%147.0010000
1RB 0TE 4WR7316483.02513161%50810.0216000
1RB 1TE 3WR7121663.11483573%3878.1112000
1RB 2TE 2WR3313423.2013969%17913.80124130
1RB 3TE 1WR161217514.604375%328.0010000
2RB 0TE 3WR131-1-1.0011545%555.0000170
2RB 1TE 2WR41301685.6110770%606.0001000
2RB 2TE 1WR37361123.1011100%11.0000000
2RB 3TE 0WR4482.00000%00.0000000
3RB 0TE 2WR44215.30000%00.0000000
3RB 1TE 1WR116274.5055100%7715.4010000
3RB 2TE 0WR4200.0011100%11.0011000
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