Steelers DE Ziggy Hood Fined $7500

Mark Kaboly is reporting via Twitter that Steelers defensive end Ziggy Hood has been fined $7,500 for an infraction against the Arizona Cardinals this past week.

Hood is being fined for illegal hands to face/facemask and he makes the second Steelers player fined this week as left guard Chris Kemoeatu was fined $15,000 for 2 infractions against the Cardinals. One was for a late hit and the other was for a facemask, illegal hands to the face penalty as well.

The Steelers fines now equal $127,500 this year and that includes preseason in addition.

  • Seagledad05

    What is Goodell trying to prove? I think an NFL player did his wife at one point in time because he is acting like someone with a vendetta against the league he is running. There has to be a way to impeach this man or create a board that has to ok his decisions. Cmon MAN!

  • Ted

    Goodell , like other bad leaders in office , are out of touch with the people they are leading. We can vote other bad leaders out of office , how do we replace this bozo ? How do we start a movement to remove Goodell ?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Being the fines are given back to players that are retired or for guys needing medical attention after playing in the NFL…I believe it is his job to minimize what the owners need to pitch in…not sure if that is accurate…just speculation

  • Steelwolf58

    Goodell the new TARGET PRACTICE DUMMY!! 🙂

  • Fining these athletes is not the answer to get them to cooperate with sportsmanship out on the field. What there need to be done is a mature lecture to the whole league. Not just retallliate the situation every time we see something that looks wrong.