Steelers Jaguars Week 6 Offensive Participation Chart & Personnel

Below are the offensive personnel packages, play counts and participation chart for the Steelers week 6 win against the Jacksonville on Sunday. The first thing to note is that once again Emmanuel Sanders received more snaps than Antonio Brown this week and it would be a little more noticeable if I included the plays with penalties, as he was on the field for 4 more total snaps. Issac Redman still saw the field for a good amount of snaps despite the return of Rashard Mendenhall from injury. Trai Essex replaced Doug Legursky at left guard due to injury of course.

Not too much sticks out as far as personnel packages this week as the Steelers had 2 or more tight ends on the field for 31 of the 58 non-penalty snaps. That does not count the kneel down either. The rest of the balance is about as it has been the previous few weeks.

Click on the image below to see the full PDF version of the participation chart.

Steelers Jaguars Week 6 Offensive Participation Chart

Below also is the personnel packages used on offense and the individual snaps counts for the players that played on offense.

Personell Package Counts

0 0 0 5 0
1 0 1 4 2
2 0 2 3 2
10 1 0 4 5
11 1 1 3 19
12 1 2 2 18
13 1 3 1 11
V 3 2 0 1

Play Counts

7Ben RoethlisbergerQB58
34Rashard MendenhallRB31
33Isaac RedmanRB19
21Jonathan DwyerRB3
86Hines WardWR43
17Mike WallaceWR55
88Emmanuel SandersWR22
84Antonio BrownWR20
83Heath MillerTE55
85David JohnsonTE30
82Wesyle SaundersTE12
53Maurkice PounceyC58
64Doug LegurskyG16
73Ramon FosterG58
72Jonathan ScottT58
79Trai EssexT42
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