Steelers Lose 17-10 To Texans In Week 4 – Game Recap

The Steelers fell to 2-2 on the season after losing 17-10 to the Houston Texans today down in Houston. Texans running back Arian Foster ran for 155 yards on the afternoon on 30 carries, including a go ahead 42-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. The Steelers had problems with the Texans offense right off the bat as quarterback Matt Schaub led the Texans on a 19 play scoring drive to start the game that ended with a 1-yard touchdown pass to tight end Owen Daniels.

The Steelers were aided by several first half penalties by the Texans in the first half and the biggest one nullified a touchdown return of a blocked Shaun Suisham field goal as the half expired. The Steelers were down only 10 points at the half as a result of the penalty. The Texans ran 38 offensive plays in the first half compared to just 20 by the Steelers and rushed for 120 yards compared to the Steelers 28. Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson left in the second quarter with a right hamstring injury and did not return to the game after catching 4 passes for 36 yards.

The Steelers started off the second half strong as they drove 74 yards for a touchdown to close the lead to just 3 as running back Rashard Mendenhall culminated the drive with a 3-yard run off right end and it was aided by a nice block by tight end David Johnson. Mendenhall left in the second half with a hamstring injury after 9 carries for 25 yards. Isaac Redman and Mewelde Moore combined for 60 yards rushing in the second half, but it was not enough as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was under heavy pressure in the pocket for most of the game and sacked 5 times in total.

Antonio Brown led all Steelers receivers with 5 catches for 68 yards. He was targeted 10 times on the afternoon and Roethlisberger just missed him for a touchdown before the Steelers settled for the blocked field goal to end the first half.

The Steelers defense was blown off of the ball most of the game, but mustered up a few key stops in the second half. Perhaps the biggest play the Texans made in the second half was a 30-yard completion to Daniels on 1st and 10 from their own 28 yard-line. Steelers linebacker James Farrior could not keep up with Daniels on the play and Foster scored his long touchdown on the very next play from scrimmage. They were the 2 biggest plays the Steelers defense allowed all day and shifted the momentum the Steelers had built back to their side.

The Steelers defense was led by safety Troy Polamalu who finished with 8 total tackles with one being for negative yardage. The Steelers recorded no sacks and no turnovers on the day and have just 1 turnover through 4 games now.

I will post more of my game observations after I go back through the game this afternoon. Feel free to post yours below in the comments.

  • DWS

    Can’t blame this loss all on Mendy — for him, he went out on a high note with his score. And yes, Redman and Moore had some nice yardage, but it yielded only 3 points.

    The team in general (from the coaching on down) just doesn’t look very sharp this season for some reason.

  • I would like to know the number of plays the OT’s were given TE help. The situation with the O-line is what it is. Part of making due with the players you have, is by putting them in situations to succeed. The Steelers need to give their OT’s help when they are pass blocking. If they don’t start double teaming the other teams pass rushers, Ben isn’t going to survive the season.

  • Meatrack

    Are offensive and defensive lines look terrible. Farrior does too.

    It’s starting to look like we might be in rebuilding mode for a year or two.

  • Terrellmack55

    Bruce Arian needs to go the play calling has been suspect the first four games. It seems like they never take what the defense is giving them. Thats why teams like the patriots, packers and the saints are so good offensively. I know the offensive of line is no that good, but they need to do a better job at calling plays that goes along with their offensive of line skill level. The defense needs to get pressure and finish tackles thats about it. Overall the steelers could of won this game many times and failed to do so. The offense needs to get their act together and do it quickly. Also, the defense of play calling was weird its like they are getting to predictable and coaches know what they are going to call.

  • Yup, so let’s start playing the young guys. While the rest of the bottom dwellers are competing in the Andrew Luck derby, the Steelers can enter into the Matt Kalil derby.

  • Oscar

    I can’t understand why the front office was so concerned with adding ANOTHER wide receiver (tried Burress, got Cotchery) and once again did nothing about this OL. Meanwhile the Ravens got McKinnie and Gurode.

  • Kerbyz

    On offense, it seems like we are going for 25 yard passing routes when our O line can barely protect for a 10 yard route. How about some more short passes and run after the catch

  • Tsimon

    I have been a steeler fan for 35 years and I don’t think I have ever seen a more frustrating performance by our offensive line. It appeared even when we attempted max protection, that Ben was still under pressure. Not that Ben hasn’t caused some of these problems by holding onto the ball, but it appears that teams recognize the offensive line weakness and are attacking it. I know we had at least four different offensive line combinations, but you would think that since the majority of these guys are veterans that we could at least be able to hold our own. Do you think its conditioning due to the lockout or just a slow start? I sure hope it’s a little of both of these. I have always said you want to be playing your best ball at the end of the year and right now I hope that this team gets better as the season progresses, but the injuries to key players worry me in that they could impact this season. Enjoy your thoughts and comments

  • Jr

    Agree. Why always set up for the deep pass? We can’t block for that amount of time. And i Have yet to see a draw or a HB screen to counter the blitz.

  • Jr

    I think it is alittle early to throw in the towel. But I agree with mixing in more young players. Bc change needs to be made.

  • Rich

    Mendenhall hasn’t ran hard all season. Constant, non-stop dancing in the backfield. You see a glaring difference between he and Redman right now. I seriously hope he doesn’t continue to run like this after getting that contract. You know the story with some guys once they get paid….

  • Jen

    Titans game looks less winnable by the hour.