Steelers Place Aaron Smith On Injured Reserve

We now know the second half of the transaction of Corbin Bryant being promoted to the active roster as veteran defensive end Aaron Smith has been placed on injured reserve with his foot injury thus ending his season and perhaps career. 2011 was slated to be the final year under contract for Smith, but he restructured prior to the signing of Max Starks and an extra year was added.

Smith played in just 7 games last year before being shelved with a triceps injury and made it just 5 games the season before. He seriously injured his foot this season against the Texans back in week 4 and has been sidelined since.

  • SteelHawk55

    That’s too bad for Smith. Luckily it looks like the Steelers picked a Pro and not a project when they called Heyward’s name in the draft.

  • Msmcm

    steelers wont miss a beat guaranteed

  • Msmcm

    steelers have to go younger, stronger, and quicker to keep
    up with the good teams, heyward will be good

  • Big_Joey

    my theory: The Rooneys are fair, sentimental good folks. This year, A. Smith’s paid salary after playing like 4 games are pretty much a pay back for his past years’ hard work. (Smith makes less than half of these new young guys with the FAT NFL contracts.). sentiments… g’luck next year, Aaron. a True Steeler.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Good luck to Smith…I loved the guy…but the Steelers need to remember this is a business…I hope he retires…if he can get back to game shape and still has a lil left in the tank…league minimum and a back up for us but its time for changing of the guard…I was calling for it before this season started but I guess the Steelers wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt…I believe there is no longer any doubt. 🙁

  • Fatxbrian

    If this is the end (and I think it is for Aaron), thanks for the memories.

  • Thomas

    sucks for depth but I didn’t want him to start again anyways…

  • G.O.A.T. Aaron Smith not only set the standard of what a 3-4 defensive end should be he set the bar for what a Steeler player is.

  • Steeler Stan

    Agree. Clearly the steelers knew he was on his last legs. Time for him to walk away.

  • he stood strong for years at a very unspoken about position. The people who know football know how good he was.