Steelers Week 7 Coverage Stats Versus Cardinals

Below are the Steelers coverage stats for the week 7 Sunday afternoon game against the Arizona Cardinals. They are broken down by play and include down and distance, line of scrimmage, direction, yards gained, yards after catch, personnel the offense used, defensive package, number of pass rushers and whether or not the defense blitzed on the play.

The big number that sticks out is of course the 73 yard touchdown to running back LaRod Stephens-Howling after a 5 yard catch with James Farrior in trail. That truly inflated the yards passing allowed and was nearly half of the yards after the catch allowed on the day. The defense missed several tackles on the day in addition that led to more YAC on the afternoon.

Outside of his penalties, Ike Taylor had a great day against Larry Fitzgerald and the rest of the coverage was on par. They did catch a break on an early pass to tight end Rob Housler with Troy Polamalu in coverage. It would have been an easy touchdown had Kevin Kolb hit him after his double move inside.

Kolb still managed an 8.0 YPA thanks mostly to the Stephens-Howling play. The Steelers did tip a few balls and of course one early one was intercepted by Ryan Clark.

Rookie Cortez Allen saw several snaps in the true DIME looks and was only targeted once.

Coverage Stats By Play

3-4ARI 19YES84-R.Housler51-J.Farrior81114NODIME
1-10ARI 27NO84-R.Housler51-J.Farrior0014YESBASE
2-10ARI 20YES89-D.Sampson22-W.Gay155104NOBASE
1-10ARI 35NO84-R.HouslerN/A00124NOBASE
3-9ARI 36NO11-L.Fitzgerald24-I.Taylor00104YESDIME
2-7ARI 10YES11-L.Fitzgerald24.I.Taylor314214NOBASE
1-10ARI 41YES35-A.Sherman94-L.Timmons156214NOBASE
2-11PIT 45NO12-A.Roberts43-T.Polamalu00212NOBASE
1-10ARI 32YES85-E.DoucetN/A25204YESBASE
2-8ARI 34YES85-E.Doucet94-L.Timmons87105YESDIME
2-6PIT 39NO84-R.Housler43-T.Polamalu00125YESBASE
3-6PIT 39NO11-L.Fitzgerald24.I.Taylor00115YESDIME
3-2ARI 39YES11-L.Fitzgerald43-T.Polamalu138114NODIME
1-10PIT 48YES84-R.Housler24.I.Taylor207115YESBASE
2-8PIT 26NO12-A.Roberts43-T.Polamalu00105YESDIME
2-6PIT 17NO11-L.Fitzgerald24.I.Taylor00125YESBASE
2-8PIT 10YES85-E.Doucet43-T.Polamalu94113NODIME
1-10ARI 11NO11-L.Fitzgerald24.I.Taylor00215NOBASE
2-7ARI 25YES87-J.King25-R.Clark103215YESBASE
2-18ARI 27YES36-L.Stephens-Howling51-J.Farrior7368114NOBASE
1-10ARI 13NO84-R.Housler56-L.Woodley00115YESDIME
2-10ARI 13NO36-L.Stephens-HowlingN/A00205YESDIME
3-10ARI 13NO11-L.Fitzgerald24.I.Taylor00105YESDIME
1-10ARI 29YES11-L.Fitzgerald43-T.Polamalu2014105YESDIME
1-10ARI 49YES89-D.Sampson23-K.Lewis121105YESDIME
1-10PIT 39YES11-L.Fitzgerald24.I.Taylor143104YESDIME
1-10PIT 25NO11-L.Fitzgerald24.I.Taylor00105YESDIME
2-10PIT 25NO12-A.Roberts22-W.Gay00105YESDIME
3-10PIT 25YES85-E.Doucet28-C.Allen90104YESDIME
1-10PIT 13NO12-A.Roberts22-W.Gay00105YESDIME
2-10PIT 13YES36-L.Stephens-Howling94-L.Timmons36104YESDIME
3-7PIT 10YES12-A.Roberts23-K.Lewis81104YESDIME
1-2PIT 2YES85-E.Doucet25-R.Clark20107YESDIME

Coverage Stats By Player

56-L.Woodley 1 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
N/A 4 1 25% 2 0.5 5 0 0
24-I.Taylor 9 3 33% 65 7.2 14 0 0
22-W.Gay 3 1 33% 15 5.0 5 0 0
43-T.Polamalu 6 3 50% 42 7.0 26 0 0
51-J.Farrior 3 2 66% 81 27.0 69 1 0
94-L.Timmons 3 3 100% 26 8.7 19 0 0
25-R.Clark 2 2 100% 12 6.0 3 1 1
23-K.Lewis 2 2 100% 20 10.0 2 0 0
28-C.Allen 1 1 100% 9 9.0 0 0 0

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    farrior will have to come out of the game vs the pats, he can’t cover a door with a shotgun.