Troy Polamalu Fined 10K For Using Cell Phone On Sideline

No real surprises here, but the NFL has fined Steelers safety Troy Polamalu 10K for using a cell phone on the sideline last weekend after leaving the game against the Jaguars with concussion-like symptoms. Polamalu was handed the phone by a team trainer reportedly so he could call his wife to let her know he was fine.

The league rule on the fine says that possession of cell phones, PDAs or other electronic equipment in the bench area during a game is strictly prohibited by league policy beginning 90 minutes before kickoff through the end of the game. Polamalu had no comment on the fine when asked about it earlier in the day and there is no word yet if he will appeal the fine.

This is the second time Polamalu has been fined this year as he was fined for a horse-collar tackle on Ravens running back Ricky Williams back in week 1.

  • Pammyseis

    Under the circumstance a rule is a rule. Someone else could have made the call to his wife for him. But, wait, what the hell is 10k. If I was Troy I would have done the same thing. That is like $100 to us. No biggie. I am just glad he is OK.

  • Smokes

    What the heck? At least let the poor man call his wife so she knows he’s fine… These rules and fines are starting to get a bit ridiculous. I can understand a fine for a vicious hit, but for calling your wife FROM A TEAM TRAINER’S PHONE to make sure that she’s not worried is just a sad thing to fine someone for. At least he’s not Ochocinco tweeting on the sideline about his latest antic.

  • Richterrichard

    what are they gonna do next..fine a player because he had to go poop..

  • Janzensminiatures1

    All in the name of LOVE!!

  • Trac411

    I love Palamalu and think it was nice he called his wife and I’m even more glad he was okay. But the trainer’s cell phone was a clear violation of the league’s policy on electronic devices permitted on the sidelines.

    With the use of the Ipad as playbooks becoming more popular there should be more clear cut definitions to that rule.