2011 NFL Week 10 TOX Stats

It is time to look at the week 10 TOX stats now and teams with a plus 2 TOX this week went 10-2 overall. The Browns and the Falcons were the two teams that lost in this group and they both had great shots to win as the Browns missed a late field goal that likely would have won it and the Falcons blew their game in overtime.

Year to date in head to head games the plus 2 teams are 80-20 for the greatly predicted 80% winning percentage. It is amazing how this stat lives up to its billing.

Teams with a mere positive TOX stat went 13-2 this week. Teams with a positive turnover differential went 10-1 overall and teams with a positive explosive play differential went 10-4 this week.

Year to date now we have seen the Lions fall out of the top 4 after their minus 7 TOX number against the Bears this past week and that puts the Bears tied with the Lions with a plus 16 TOX number. The new leader is the Texans and although it seems they have lost quarterback Matt Schaub for the year, they will likely get explosive receiver Andre Johnson back this week. Matt Leinart should be serviceable enough to win a few games for them as long as the Texans defense continues playing well.

The Steelers slowly are inching up over the last few weeks and they get the Chiefs after the bye week. Odds are high the Chiefs could very well be last in TOX after their upcoming Monday night game against the Patriots. The Steelers have also passed the Ravens finally after spotting them a healthy TOX number back in week 1. The Ravens had a shocking minus 7 TOX against the Seahawks on Sunday and were one of two teams this week without an explosive play on offense.

The only team with a minus TOX right now likely to make the playoffs is the Patriots.

If you are just finding this, make sure to look back at the links below to get a better understanding of what the TOX stat actually is and how it works. Week 1 is a great place to start as it also includes a video explaining it all.

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Week 10OffenseDefenseDifferentialsTOX
TeamPass 20+Run 20+Pass 20+Run 20+20+ DIFFTO DIFTOXW/L
Dallas Cowboys3110347W
Seattle Seahawks4000437W
Chicago Bears2110257W
Oakland Raiders7250404W
Tennessee Titans3202314W
Cleveland Browns5121314L
Houston Texans2030-143W
Arizona Cardinals5011303W
Denver Broncos1210202W
Green Bay Packers5030202W
Miami Dolphins5021202W
Atlanta Falcons71503-12L
Pittsburgh Steelers3030011W
San Francisco 49ers3030011W
New England Patriots4060-231W
Jacksonville Jaguars0011-220W
Indianapolis Colts11002-20L
Cincinnati Bengals30300-1-1L
New York Jets60402-3-1L
New York Giants30300-1-1L
New Orleans Saints5071-31-2W
Minnesota Vikings3050-20-2L
Kansas City Chiefs1012-20-2L
Washington Redskins2150-20-2L
Philadelphia Eagles1150-30-3L
Tampa Bay Buccaneers30201-4-3L
St. Louis Rams2151-3-1-4W
San Diego Chargers5072-40-4L
Carolina Panthers0232-3-1-4L
Detroit Lions1021-2-5-7L
Baltimore Ravens0040-4-3-7L
Buffalo Bills1031-3-4-7L

2011 YTD TOX

Houston Texans 25
San Francisco 49ers 22
Dallas Cowboys 19
Chicago Bears 16
Detroit Lions 16
Green Bay Packers 7
Oakland Raiders 7
Cincinnati Bengals 6
Seattle Seahawks 5
New York Giants 4
New York Jets 4
Pittsburgh Steelers 4
Tennessee Titans 4
Baltimore Ravens 3
Carolina Panthers 3
Minnesota Vikings 3
Philadelphia Eagles 3
New Orleans Saints 2
Buffalo Bills 1
San Diego Chargers 1
Atlanta Falcons 0
New England Patriots -3
Jacksonville Jaguars -5
Denver Broncos -9
Miami Dolphins -10
Cleveland Browns -11
Arizona Cardinals -16
St. Louis Rams -17
Kansas City Chiefs -19
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -20
Indianapolis Colts -21
Washington Redskins -23
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