Steelers 2011 Passing & Rushing Stats Versus Bengals By Formation & Personnel

Below are the Steelers formation & personnel rushing and passing stats from the week 10 game against the Cincinnati Bengals along with the year to date formation stats through the first 10 games of the 2011 season.

I always like to disclaimer that formations are a little tricky as charters will count a wide receiver or tight end that line up in an h-back spot as a running back. I have been including the personnel stats along with these the last few weeks to help better paint a picture of both formation and personnel.

3 tight end personnel groupings did not have a good game as far as the running game went as the Steelers averaged only 2.4 yards on 7 rushes. The other observation is that the empty set formations at the snap of the ball did not produce against the Bengals either as on 6 plays there were 3 sacks and only one completion for 9 yards.

Please feel free to add any own observations below.

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Week 10 Rushing & Passing Stats By Formation Versus

0RB 0TE 5WR4000.002150%94.5102000
0RB 1TE 4WR2000.00100%00.0001000
1RB 0TE 4WR145316.219667%677.4010000
1RB 1TE 3WR2313594.5088100%11314.1002000
1RB 2TE 2WR2122.0011100%66.0000000
2RB 0TE 3WR2000.002150%136.5000000
2RB 1TE 2WR10382.707229%131.9000000
2RB 2TE 1WR7451.303267%248.0000000
3RB 2TE 0WR1120.0100000000000

Week 10 Rushing & Passing Stats By Personnel Versus

1RB 0TE 4WR1000.00100%00000000
1RB 1TE 3WR3412423.51181372%1779.8114000
1RB 2TE 2WR167466.608450%313.9001000
1RB 3TE 1WR137172.406467%376.2000000
2RB 3TE 0WR1122.01000%00.0000000

Year To Date Rushing & Passing Stats By

0RB 0TE 5WR793144.70633352%4026.45493262
0RB 1TE 4WR23000.0019947%924.80122170
0RB 2TE 3WR3000.0033100%227.3010000
1RB 0TE 4WR138341444.23976567%8628.9337000
1RB 1TE 3WR139522074.01815669%7148.8116000
1RB 2TE 2WR5021602.90221568%26312.00224130
1RB 3TE 1WR332121910.4011655%676.1011000
2RB 0TE 3WR221-1-1.0019947%1025.4001170
2RB 1TE 2WR60351835.21231461%1245.4002000
2RB 2TE 1WR59501372.719889%15917.7010000
2RB 3TE 0WR4482.00000%00.0000000
3RB 0TE 2WR44215.30000%00.0000000
3RB 1TE 1WR1913503.8066100%8414.0010000
3RB 2TE 0WR5320.7111100%11.0011000