Steelers 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Odds Increasing To Win 7th Lombardi

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and several players have started using the phrase “Stacking Wins” as of late in their interviews and over the last few weeks and after the Sunday win against the New England Patriots, they stacked 4 wins in a row. The betting public has also taken notice of these wins and the latest 2012 Super Bowl XLVI odds reflect it as we head into week 9 of the 2011 NFL season. Bodog has the updated future odds now up and the Steelers are now 9/1 odds to capture their 7th Lombadri Trophy this year.

I have include in the table below the progression of the 2011 Super Bowl futures over the months and as you can clearly see, the Steelers are now favored more to win it all this year than they were following the loss to the Green Bay Packers back in February. Before the season started they jumped from 10/1 odds to 14/1 odds back in August. Only the Patriots are ahead of them on the AFC side as they have moved now to 6/1 odds. The Packers still remain the team to beat at 13/5. The Baltimore Ravens come in right behind the Steelers at 12/1 odds.

The next few games against the Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals will certainly play a big part in how these odds shift moving forward, especially the odds to win the AFC North were the Steelers currently sit as -120 favorites. I hope you placed your bets back in August when we were too old and too slow to the betting public. It is time to stack a few more wins.

2012 Super Bowl XLVI Betting Odds

TeamFeb OddsAug OddsNov Odds
Carolina100/1150/1 300/1
Green Bay7/17/113/5
Indianapolis14/118/1 1000/1
Jacksonville60/175/1 500/1
Kansas City35/140/1 65/1
Miami45/155/1 1000/1
Minnesota35/130/1 300/1
New England8/113/2 6/1
New Orleans14/116/1 12/1
NY Giants20/125/1 30/1
NY Jets16/112/1 22/1
Oakland50/165/1 60/1
Philadelphia16/18/1 12/1
Pittsburgh10/114/1 9/1
San Diego12/111/1 16/1
San Francisco40/150/1 15/1
Seattle85/180/1 500/1
St. Louis40/140/1 500/1
Tampa Bay35/130/1 65/1
Tennessee40/175/1 80/1
Washington50/1100/1 200/1
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