Steelers Video: Mike Wallace & Antonio Brown Interview With Bob Costas

NBC Sports reporter Bob Costas sat down with Steelers wide receivers Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown for a 10 plus minute interview and pieces of it were shown during the NBC Sunday night football preview show. Costas asked Wallace and Brown about playing Hines Ward and Ben Roethlisberger and Wallace was asked about the speed. Brown was asked about his football playing father, Eddie Brown, and his Arena Football career and also about his snappy dressing for the interview. This is the full interview and is much longer than the one shown during the preview show. The smile of Brown is really infectious per usual and it was good to see both get some well deserved camera time tonight.

The video of the interview is below:

  • Steelergirlinfl

    Great interview with 2 very likeable “guys”. You can see the comradarie and hope it exists for them as Steeler teammates for many years to come!

  • Gls12678

    Antonio Browns suit was styled by Israel Gottfried of Astor & Black

  • sf4stlrs

    who cares score some points!

  • 76quips

    come on bob, its not perpetual, the word is perenial!