Steelers Week 10 Coverage Stats Versus Bengals

Below are the Steelers coverage stats for the week 10 Sunday afternoon game against the Cincinnati Bengals. These stats are broken down by play and include down and distance, line of scrimmage, direction, yards gained, yards after catch, personnel the offense used, defensive package, number of pass rushers and whether or not the defense blitzed on the play.

You do not need coverage stats to know how well William Gay played Sunday against the Bengals. It just was not just in spots either as he was on top of his game from the first defensive series on as he recorded a pass break-up in each of the first two Bengals offensive possessions. Not only did he get the game clinching interception, he also caused the first one that Lawrence Timmons caught after Gay deflected a pass intended for Andre Caldwell. Gay was targeted 13 times and I credited him for thrown away passes his direction, as to me that counts as good coverage and he should get credit for that.

I charged Troy Polamalu for the A.J. Green touchdown catch, but that could be split easily between him and Ryan Clark. If you watch the replay, Green was passed off to Polamalu and Clark was rolling back from underneath to help.

The Bengals stayed away from Ike Taylor for the most part, but he likely would have been targeted more if Green had not been injured early in the game.

The defense only allowed 38 yards after catches on the afternoon.

Coverage Stats By Play

3-8CIN 22NO87-A.Caldwell22-W.Gay00115YESNICKEL
1-10CIN 27NO89-J.Simpson22-W.Gay00214NOBASE
2-10CIN 27YES84-J.Gresham22-W.Gay61115YESBASE
3-4CIN 33NO18-A.Green24-I.Taylor0025YESNICKEL
3-5CIN 26YES16-A.Hawkins43-T.Polamalu25115YESNICKEL
1-10PIT 49NO89-J.Simpson22-W.Gay00115YESBASE
2-8PIT 36YES18-A.Green43-T.Polamalu360213NOBASE
2-6PIT 26NO89-J.Simpson22-W.Gay00124NOBASE
3-6PIT 26NO84-J.Gresham43-T.Polamalu00116YESNICKEL
2-11CIN 45YES16-A.Hawkins43-T.Polamalu2015YESNICKEL
3-9CIN 47NO87-A.Caldwell22-W.Gay00214NONICKEL
1-10CIN 20NO87-A.Caldwell22-W.Gay00115YESNICKEL
2-5CIN 38YES84-J.Gresham94-L.Timmons101134NOBASE
1-10CIN 48NO87-A.Caldwell22-W.Gay00124NOBASE
2-10CIN 48NO87-A.CaldwellN/A0013NOBASE
3-10CIN 48YES87-A.Caldwell23-K.Lewis11414NONICKEL
2-4PIT 35YES81-C.Cochart51-J.Farrior2510125YESBASE
2-9PIT 9YES87-A.Caldwell51-J.Farrior7124NONICKEL
2-1PIT 1YES84-J.Gresham50-L.Foote10226NOGOAL
2-19CIN 11YES16-A.Hawkins22-W.Gay16714NONICKEL
3-3CIN 27YES16-A.Hawkins43-T.Polamalu9814YESNICKEL
1-10CIN 36NO32-C.Benson43-T.Polamalu00124NOBASE
2-10CIN 36YES32-C.Benson93-J.Worilds51115YESNICKEL
3-5CIN 41NO16-A.Hawkins22-W.Gay0014YESDIME
1-10PIT 47NO87-A.Caldwell22-W.Gay00125NOBASE
1-10CIN 23YES87-A.Caldwell22-W.Gay73124NOBASE
1-10CIN 35YES84-J.Gresham51-J.Farrior61214NOBASE
2-4CIN 41NO89-J.Simpson24-I.Taylor00124NOBASE
3-14CIN 31YES16-A.Hawkins28-C.Allen40114YESDIME
2-9PIT 25NO89-J.Simpson22-W.Gay00114NOBASE

Coverage Stats By Player

24-I.Taylor 2 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
N/A 1 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
22-W.Gay 13 3 23% 29 2.2 11 0 1
43-T.Polamalu 6 4 67% 72 12.0 9 1 0
51-J.Farrior 3 3 100% 38 12.7 12 0 0
50-L.Foote 1 1 100% 1 1.0 0 1 0
23-K.Lewis 1 1 100% 11 11.0 4 0 0
28-C.Allen 1 1 100% 4 4.0 0 0 0
94-L.Timmons 1 1 100% 10 10.0 1 0 1
93-J.Worilds 1 1 100% 5 5.0 1 0 0
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