Ben Roethlisberger Wants Answers From Art Rooney II, Damn It

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is certainly not happy about offensive coordinator Bruce Arians being let go and he has spoke out about today to two different media outlets. Roethlisberger, who is currently in Hawaii practicing for the Pro Bowl game on Sunday, told Fran Charles and Marshall Faulk of the NFL Network in regards to the departure of Arians, “Well, anyone that knows about the Pittsburgh Steelers, it\’s family, from the top to bottom, from the Rooney\’s all the way down to the training staff, to equipment staff. Everybody. So when you lose a family member it always tough and I say that, whether it\’s a coach, a player, if we lost a trainer it\’s hard for us because we\’re all family. I don\’t know if you can ever replace a guy like that, but you have to, its a business. The powers that be made decisions and we live with it and we go with it and change is not always easy and the Steelers are a team that don\’t do a lot of change. The head coaching staff hasn\’t really been much different for a long time. So its going to be definitely different for us, but we love Bruce, I love Bruce, we\’ve got a great relationship, and all of the offensive guys do, we just have to see where we go from here.

Just a short time later a report surfaced from Scott Brown and Shawn McCullough after they too talked to Roethlisberger. They report that Roethlisberger told them that when he returns from Hawaii he will seek out team president Art Rooney II to find out what direction the Steelers offense will move in now that Arians is gone. Roethlisberger was quoted in the article as saying, “When I get back I\’m going to go up to Mr. Rooney\’s office and ask him what he wants from me, what he wants from this offense, because I think that\’s a viable question for him. He\’s our owner and our boss, so I really would like to know kind of what he wants and where he sees our offense going because I\’d like to tell him where I see us going.” Roethlisberger seems to question what Rooney meant in his interview with the Pittsburgh media, when Rooney said that the Steelers starting quarterback needs to “tweak” his game. Roethlisberger told Brown and McCullough that he thought the offense was close to putting it all together as well. In regards to the Arians departure, Roethlisberger told Brown, “I think the (Steelers\’) mind was made up and B.A. was kind of ready to move on as well.”

We all knew it was only a matter of time before Big Ben made his comments on the departure of Arians and he certainly is not being shy about it or the comments made by Rooney in regards to his style of play. The Steelers have not yet made an announcement of who will replace Arians as the offensive coordinator and you can bet that Roethlisberger will think he deserves a big say in that choice. The Steelers are not an organization that lets the tail wag the dog, so this could get real interesting as we get further into the offseason. I do not believe we have heard the last from Roethlisberger on this either. The Pro Bowl game is Sunday and he will certainly have a camera in his face during the game. Stay tuned.

You can listen to some audio below:


  • Rapistberger is a douche anyway. Is it too much to hope for that they would cut his filthy criminal woman-abusing ass so us Yinzers that have been rooting against him could come back to the Stillers Nation.

  • Doug23

    Wow.. just wow. :-/

  • Dkoy85

    shut up

  • Dave

    yeah, I’m really looking forward to another 20 years of Cliff Stoudt, Mark Malone, David Woodley, Todd Blackledge,Bubby Brister, O’Donnell, Mike Tomczak, Kent Graham, Kordell, Maddox….good times…. Enjoy Big Ben while he’s here….

  • Siggy

    The audio makes the print story look like the tabloid junk it was. The audio doesn’t lie.

  • DimplesinNC

    Why doesn’t Ben go sit his A$$ down and let his broke, NO high ankle sprain, NO sore, WTF ever heal!! That nonmoving in the pocket, lead foot, way to let the city down, that couldn’t score a TD against Tebow, ink still wet on yor BS( which is probably the Karma that won’t let us a win a SB) please shut up and sit down and heal!!! Please. No excuses next season!!! Whoever they hire (and they have a great trk record) it will be better than BA. People have been calling for his papers for awhile!! Time’s up thanks for the memories! Next!!??

  • Daveb1952

    I would not read to much into this. Sounds like he’s honestly confused, and somewhat troubled. You would have to be totally numb upstairs not to feel the way he does, when you find out a good friend and mentor is taken away. Keep in mind, this is the guy that has a piece of prose from his old college coach in his locker and it’s apparent that he develops deep ties with his. coaches.

  • Jason

    Ughhh and I was hoping this was going to be easy.

  • Daveb1952

    I should have listened to the audio clip before posting. The way Ben’s comments were portrayed is total media BS. Why do these “Typing Jocks” feel the need to create problems where none exits is beyond me.

  • kevin

    Actually, he is not a criminal because he has not been charged criminally. Probably due to the lack of evidence in the case that would support it. Acting like an ass is not a crime in this country because if it was, you would be in jail. Also, it is fairly easy to slander someone under an anonymous name. You may want to check that though as defamation, even with Ben being a public figure, could subject you to significant civil damages.

    By the way, if Ben is found guilty of a crime like that, then I would agree that he should be jettisoned. Unless he is, people like you who believe that they can make judgments based upon evidence that would not withstand scrutiny in a court of law, can stay out of Stiller Nation.

  • GoSteelers

    The title is misleading and there does not seem to be any sense of arrogance in Ben’s request. He’s the #1 paid guy in the organization, in all other businesses that has some pull with top management. The interaction between Ben and Rooney should be welcomed. Especially since this was a behind the scenes “retirement” and went over even Tomlin’s head. Being the owner gives him every right to do what he wants, but as a business man, you want your top people on board too and this meeting will hopefully clear that up.

    As Dave said, for all those folks who have followed the team since the 70’s there are many reasons we have it good with Ben….

  • Mexoplex

    Roethelisburger needs to shut it up till time has gone by and you simple minded people forget about his little female aggression issues….he’s no Peyton Manning.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    wow…a lot of hate on Ben…I think he believes they have a core of great WR’s and thinks we can do well with that…BA just couldnt do anything in the redzone and short yardage…but that is where his money is made.

  • Dave

    Actually, Stillers Nation doesn’t want individuals like yourself to jump back on the bandwagon.

  • Guest

    It’s true, Ben is no Peyton Manning. Manning only has 1 SB ring.

  • SteelersDepot

    Everyone play nice now! Say your peace & move along!

  • Pafess

    I wish all you Ravens fans would go to tour own website and bash your QB leave ours alone. Greg from Harrisburg

  • Edman94703

    i am amazed of how moronic NameF N is

  • Edman94703

    If you are not rooting for the Stillers then you are not a Stiller fan. no matter who is on the team. If you are going to make judgements while ignoring possible information then maybe you should root for a team that has won by cheating.

  • Kingtut499

    Rooney said he put this decision in Coach Tomlins hands. Ben, talk to coach!

  • Kingtut499

    A TRUE Steeler Fan doesnt follow up degrading and Negative statements from actions commited years ago. Always Ignore Ignorance!

  • Kingtut499

    An injury riddled OL, An 100 million dollar QB who cant read defenses and holds the ball too long, An OC who is predictable as a traffic light and a Head coach who doesnt know how to manage the 2 minute drill will lead to someone getting fired. Sorry B.A. it all wasnt your fault. The constant threats of retirement 2 years ago didnt help either. New young OC blood is needed for the Cash money boys and the youth movement on Offense. Indy has a better OL you wil fair well. Good luck coach !

  • Chef Salad

    Need Coaches that Coach, Not allowing players to pad the FANTACY numbers. Just think, WE – STEELER NATION could be in this years BIG GAME, if THE COACHES would have rested BEN, subsequently resting everyone who was hurt or got hurt. Wake up, We need a power full back and a short passing game.

  • Doug 86

    Im the biggest steeler fan in mo. and i think a new offensive co. is great! plus we need to beef up the secondary

  • Seth

    Steeler* God… you idiots can’t spell.