Colts Expected To Hire Steelers LB Coach Keith Butler As Defensive Coordinator

The Pittsburgh Steelers appear to be losing another coach on their staff as according Adam Schefter, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano plans to hire Steelers linebackers coach, Keith Butler as his new defensive coordinator. The Colts added former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians on Saturday and the three were all on the Cleveland Browns staff years ago.

Butler began coaching with the Steelers under former head coach Bill Cowher and has been coaching the linebackers for the past nine seasons. He has been considered a candidate for other defensive coordinator jobs in the past, but has been denied the opportunity to interview by the Steelers. Many thought he would be the heir apparent to Dick LeBeau.

Butler is expected to be in Indianapolis early next week to make it official after they received permission to talk to him. According to Ed Bouchette, Butler\’s current contract expires on the 15th of February. The Steelers look certain now that they will have yet another position top fill on their staff and you have to think defensive assistant Jerry Olsavsky might be given the chance to replace Butler assuming he is indeed hired. Olsavsky spent seven seasons coaching linebackers for Youngstown State before being added to the Steelers coaching staff in 2010.

  • Bradleyaoo7

    It will be a mistake letting Butler go

  • Joe D

    Bad move by the Steelers!!!
    They gave him a big raise, etc I think 2 years back and revised Butler’s contract for DC in waiting.
    Frankly, LeBeau should retire or forced to retire so to keep Butler.
    I don’t blame Butler one bit… how long is he suppose to wait with teams knocking on his door year in and year out!!

  • RobertT

    This loss makes me sick. What is Rooney’s doing?

  • Jason

    Yeah, I would rather force out Lebeau than lose Butler as painful as that would be.

  • RobertT

    Just read on the post-gazette he will interview on Tuesday, him leaving is not definite at this point.

  • LeBeau’s retirement is hanging over the Steelers heads like an anvil. The Steelers can’t lose Butler.

  • Ee

    Lose lebeau, keep butler

  • Jbatheist

    i want to know what lebeau thinks???? you would think that he would put a stop to this and just retire!!!!!

  • Fhsj

    If I am not mistaken, Butler has turned down offers from other teams to stay with the Steelers , expecting Lebeau to retire and him succeed LEBEAU. If Lebeau wants to hang on till he becomes paterno, I don’t fault Butler for leaving.

  • kevin

    I am not worried about Butler leaving. We always have Lake who can be groomed for DC.

  • RobertT

    Funny how Rooney forces Arians out because he keeps talking about retirement and he wants someone stable, but defensively he won’t make that decision about Lebeau. Keep Keith, retire Dick.

  • ma

    Whoa….I thought Butler would be with Steelers forever.

    A pattern with the Steelers: Special coaches hold on forever and then go with another team. Hate to see Butler go.