Rumor: Mike Tomlin Considering Adding Former WVU Head Coach Bill Stewart To Staff

This is in no way substantiated, so for now you must consider it a rumor that is growing legs from a questionable source. I usually don\’t deal in this type of rumor mongering, but it does make a little sense based on connecting the dots. The rumor is that Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has interviewed, or is going to interview, former West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart for a spot on his staff. It could be an interview for the vacant offensive coordinator position or perhaps as quarterbacks coach should Randy Fichtner end up being promoted. We just do not know that answer and are not 100% sure this is even true.

Stewart was named interim head coach of the Mountaineers after Rich Rodriguez left to become the Michigan head coach late in 2007. Stewart was officially named head coach in the early part of 2008 and lasted two seasons before he resigned amid accusations of initiating a smear campaign against his appointed successor, Dana Holgorsen. Reportedly Stewart was set to resign after the 2011 season and take a position in the WVU Athletic Department.

Stewart has a link back to Tomlin as he gave the Steelers head coach his first coaching job at the Virginia Military Institute back in 1995. Tomlin coached the receivers there and Ed Bouchette theorized last June that Tomlin might look to find a place on the Steelers staff for Stewart. That of course did not happen.

Stewart started his coaching career back in 1977 for Salem International University and served as an assistant coach at various colleges before getting the VMI job in 1994. He was forced to resign amid a racist controversy in 1994 and moved on to the CFL for two seasons before landing at WVU in 2000.

We shall see if this gets vetted over the next 24-48 hours, but for now we shall treat it for what it is, a rumor. Just thought I would pass it along.

  • Dave

    I think they actually need to hire 2 coaches – One to either directly replace BA as the OC, (or to replace Fichtner as the QB coach). The other would coach the RBs at least on an interim basis while Kirby Wilson recovers.

  • Nternetstough

    Stewart knows football and was an above average HC. That being said, he was an excellent position coach and I’d love to see this happen!

  • Joe D

    Why would Steelers want to hire Stewart when he got fired from 2 spots based upon statements he made!!!
    He is low class.

  • Pt214h3r0

    Stewart has too much baggage

  • Lurker

    Stewart was the QB coach for Pat White, so I would be ok with him filling the same role for the Steelers, but under no circumstances would I want him running the entire offense.

  • John21

    Are the Steelers interviewing anyone? Why so quiet and slow to act? The buzz is that Arians will be the OC in Indy. BA ends up being Luck-y after all!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I agree that he has too much baggage. He is not a good candidate because of his past. He maybe a good coach but we like good people as well…once we get coaches who are questionable then u get players the same way.

  • Nternetstough

    Stewart is a high quality individual. If you read up on either incident mentioned above or know anything about the circumstances it’s pretty easy to see you aren’t looking at a deep-set character flaw. Both cases can be pulled in favor of or used against him depending on who’s telling the story and were always stated with the fact that it was out of character for him. I would not hesitate based on character.

  • Tomlin loves going back to his old bosses from his college years, doesn’t he.

  • Steelcity12

    Bill Stewart is a low class, lying, manipulative, drooling idiot who took RichRods killer offense and drove it into the ground. If the Steelers have any sense at all they wouldn’t bring this wrinkly fool on board to keep the gatorade cold. WVU wasted three would-be golden years paying this buffoon his bloated salary. I hope he stays home on his rocking chair instead of embarassing us like he did WVU. This is great news if you’re a Ravens fan though.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    If a person was ever accused of child molestation would you hire him for your daycare? Even if he was not proven guilty through a court of law you would be very hesitant…so even if Stewart isnt guilty he still has the black eye…unfortunate but that is the way it is…look else where IMO but thanx for the info Im not as familar with the case or cases as you are.

  • Pitts-eersfan1

    Wow. How can you possibly trash this man’s moral credibility when Ben Roethlisberger is the qb of this team? Stewart actually had 3 nice seasons which could have been better had it not been for the terrible play calling of Jeff Mullen. Stewart is not steeler coordinator material but having him on the sideline would be an asset to any team. His “digging up dirt” stories have been blown way out of proportion. I hope he lands a job whether it be in Pittsburgh or not. He is a good man that got done terribly wrong by the powers that now be.