Steelers To Wear New Throwback Uniforms For Two Home Games in 2012

The Pittsburgh Steelers will wear new “throwback” uniforms for two homes games in 2012 as the team celebrates its 80th season in the NFL according to team Steelers president Art Rooney II on Tuesday. Rooney met with several of the Pittsburgh media today for a 20 plus minute interview to put a wrap on the 2011 season and look forward to 2012.

The Steelers wore throwback uniforms this past season at home against the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns and they featured the black jersey tops with yellow stripes and yellow numbers. They wore these with the white pants that had yellow and black striping and of course those bright yellow helmets. There is no word what the 2012 version of the throwbacks will look like, but speculation is that they could be the 1967 season uniforms.

  • chippedham

    The 67 outfits were fine; anything but those stupid pumpkin-head yellow helmets!!!

  • Daveb1952

    What in the name of Dick Shiner…. Have they gone crazy??? Those were the worst looking uniforms I’ve ever seen. I had to live through that era…. One of them is bad enough, fielding a whole team with them is a experience I wouldn’t foist on my worst enemy…….

  • I say that they go with the 40’s style… The “BUMBLE BEE” look ???

  • Bobdambro6

    every time they wore thous things they got beat , im glad their gone

  • Jimmy70601

    i say lasy year throw backs are just fine..