Hines Ward Releases Statement & Says He Looks Forward To Still Playing In The NFL

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced on Wednesday that they will be releasing veteran wide receiver Hines Ward after 14 seasons with the team. Ward has already released statement in which he thanks the organization, teammates and Mr. Rooney. He says that he did not want his time in Pittsburgh to ends this way and that he still looks forward to playing in the NFL this upcoming season.

Hines Ward Statement Following Release Notification

This isn\’t how I wanted this chapter of my career to end. I did everything in my power to remain a Steeler and finish what I started here 14 years ago. I want to thank the organization, my teammates and coaches and everyone who made my run as a Steeler the best years of my life. To Mr. Rooney, thank you for allowing me to play for one of the greatest organizations in the world. To my fans and in particular, Steeler Nation, thank you for your support and all the great memories. I gave my heart and soul for you every down and I will always bleed black and gold. I do feel that I still have more football left in me and I am looking forward to playing in the NFL, again, this upcoming season.

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  • Ddskds

    Please dont become a Brett Farve situation

  • Joe D

    Was it the money (Ward wouldn’t accept minimum pay of say $1million)
    Was it that the Steelers didn’t see him in their plans….

    Seems like this was a coordinated effort… both Steelers and Ward sent out press releases simultaneously.

  • Ron Jammes

    Sit down Hines pour a glass of wine, close your eyes and remember the great things you accomplished in your long career. Open you eyes and retire. Lets us remember as you were, a great warrior of the gridiron. There is a place for you in all of our hearts and in Canton Ohio.

  • thank you Hines, when I was 12 years old and knew next to nothing about football you were one of the reasons i decided to become a Steelers fan. Nobody in my lifetime embodied what it is to be a Steeler better than you. It’s gonna be tough not seein your signature smile out there on Sundays bro. Thanks4theMemories

  • JerryCola

    I just saw two guys on NFL32 say Hines can’t run anymore. I’m pretty sure that belief is shared by the other 31 teams and was probably the biggest factor in the Steelers decision. I sure hope Hines doesn’t get signed for minimal pay with another team just to hang on only to get beat out by players no one ever heard of and is released again.

  • Mellymorales07

    Too Mr Hines Ward we love you and will miss you !! But will never forget you !! # 86 belongs to you bro !! H Town Proud Steeler Nation !! Dancing with Star champion !! MVP specialist !!

  • GoSteelers

    dan rooney said a couple months ago that his biggest regred was he and art sr. letting franco go and said he didn’t want to make the same mistake. now it has happened. they could have easily kept him for a much reduced salary. that is what is supposed to happen in the ‘burgh… hines we love ya!!!! you are the greatest!!!!

  • Jim

    I love you Man. You brought an intensity and passion to this locker room like no other. I hope the Rooney’s will find a way to re-sign you for less money and keep you a Steeler until you decide its time to walk away.

    Either way, I will be at your HOF induction ceremony in Canton. Thank you for giving it your all and inspiring Steeler Nation.

  • Cricketder1

    I think this STINKS!!!!!!! Rooney says Hines means so much to the Steelers, but then he releases 1 of the best players on the team, what is up???? I have been a Steelers fan forever but this is really hard to handle. Good Luck Hines & remember the fans didn’t do this to you, ART ROONEY DID IT TO YOU!!!!!This is what I really don’t understand about football, why in heavens name do you get rid of those that help you & the fans love? I feel they should release Rosenthaul, he is always gettin hurt & causin some kind of bad release for the team. Next they will be gettin rid of Polamalu, that will really be the icing on the cakefor me……

  • Dave


  • SteelersDepot

    Not the money.

  • Lou

    They had to cut him by March 1st, as per his contract. (They would possibly eat more of his salary? I forget exactly what would happen if they failed to do so.) So I’m sure he was prepared for this even if they hadn’t discussed a pay cut. …Scratch that, especially if they hadn’t discussed a pay cut.