Report: Steelers May Have Interest In Plaxico Burress

Here we go again. Jason Cole from Yahoo Sports reported tonight via Twitter that both the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants might have interest in unrestricted free agent Plaxico Burress. Burress signed a one-year deal late last July with the New York Jets after making a free agent visit to Pittsburgh. The Jets paid Burress $3.017 million last season after he spent two years in prison on a gun conviction. Burress played in all 16 games last season for the Jets and recorded 45 catches for 612 yards to go along with 8 touchdowns.

The Steelers just announced on Wednesday that they plan on releasing 14 year veteran Hines Ward and their first course of action will be to try to sign soon-to-be restricted free agent Mike Wallace to a contract before the March 5th tender deadline. The Steelers also need to get the rest of their restricted free agents tendered that they want to keep as well and will not likely be players early on in free agency as they are very limited on cap room. Burress is bound to have a few other suitors as well and the Steelers would likely rather try to re-sign unrestricted free agent Jerricho Cotchery back.

Burress was drafted by the Steelers in the first round of the 2000 NFL draft and spent his first 5 seasons in Pittsburgh before being allowed to walk via free agency. He eventually signed a six-year, $25 million contract with the Giants in March of 2005.


    It’s like having DejaVu and Amnesia at the same time.

  • Kingtut499

    Ben has been begging for a receiver over 6ft since Plex left. Why cant Colbert do that for him! Plex and Ben were great in part 1. Lets see where part 2 goes!

  • I will be LIVID if we cut Ward for Burress.

  • Footballplaymaker75

    You have to realize plax gives us size and strength for in the redone and short yardage plays. Adds a completely different dimension to the steelers offense other than just quick little speed guys who tend to get pressed easily. Plax will be a sure catch checkdown who will draw attention from a lb and db because of his sixes

  • Heathicus

    Absolutely not. We do NOT need Burress. I don’t care if he’s a good TD target – we’ll be using Heath Miller more anyways if I’m reading into Haley correctly.

  • That whole Ben/Burress thing is a myth. Burress’s only season with Ben (Ben’s rookie year), was 35/698/5 in 11 games. He has been overrated his whole career.

  • Eric87

    if thery want a tall receiver then get a younger guy. This may have been interesting last season, but why cut 1 older wr for another, i dunno about that.

  • Ron Jammes


  • Jb

    Burress is probably a decent red-zone scoring option, but only with the right quarterback. Eli Manning throws a very nice fade to the corner pass… BR, for example, does not. Even the pass from Ben that went to S. Holmes for the touchdown in the last SB that the Steelers won was thrown on a rope. Now the winning touchdown throw that E. Manning made to Burress in the SB they won together as team-mates was a good example of the perfect lob pass… the kind of pass that Burress’s height and abilities are made for.

  • Joe D

    Cotchery over Burress any day of the week!!!
    Burress not worth it…
    Cotchery reminds me of Ward… only much younger…. and younger than Burress.

  • Kingtut499

    Yes, Steve this may be a myth. The possibility of a Tall receiver would be a plus in the red zone just stating. I really think Wesley Saunders and Heath should be great targets in Coach Haleys system! No defense could stop them with AB, Wallace, Sanders and Redman.

  • Stan

    Why? Why would they have any interest in him. As far as I’m concerned the Steelers dodged a bullet (pun intended) when Plaxico decided to go elsewhere. Cotchery was better and cheaper and Plaxico showed that he’s too old to be anything but an extra guy anymore.

    I support the decision to release Hines. Unfortunately, his time is up. However, if we release Hines and then sign Plaxico I’m going to vomit.

  • That is why I would prefer them to go younger with the exception of re-signing Cotchery,

  • kevin

    It was thrown on a rope because that is the only way it would have gotten through so many defenders. You act like it was a mistake the way he threw it.

    Do you seriously believe that Ben could not have made that wide open pass to Plaxico in SB42?

  • kevin

    Whatever. The Steelers are not signing Burress. Interesting that these sources say that Burress’ former teams COULD make a play. Well, the Steelers could make a play to start Casey Hampton at fullback next year, but I have my doubts.

  • Tann84

    I hope we do get burress and cotchery back. Need 5 WR and that would be a good group. Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Cotchery, and Burress.

    Anyone who thinks Cotchery is better than Burress needs to wake up. Burress’ numbers dwarfs cotchery’s numbers last year and were actually comparable to Santonio Holmes. Burress would flourish with Ben, a better QB, and a more stable/structured team. Give Burress a 2 year deal and let him cause match up problems for your. Also remember Vick’s best year after returning was his second year.

    As for Burress as a person, he isn’t a bad person, you don’t hear any issues with teammates, no drinking, smoking, fighting, none of that. There were just some issues with missing meetings and the gun incident. I think thats all behind him now. He wasn’t the one causing the issues in NY, it was Holmes.

    I’d for one would welcome him back to the black and gold.

  • If we let Wallace walk then Buress is a great idea because he still has enough in the tank to play opposite A. Brown with Sanders or Cotchery in the slot.
    However if we sign Wallace the Buress deal probbly wouldn’t happen unless we lose Cotchery but I doubt even then Buress would settle for a 3rd and 4th WR spot.
    Taking us back to my original point, only if Wallace leaves.
    What we would lose in speed with Wallace we would gain back in having a big and tall WR for the first time since Buress left us 2005.
    With Buress size and reputation he could still free up Brown and Sanders.