Steelers To Introduce Todd Haley As New Offensive Coordinator During Thursday Press Conference

We will finally get to hear the Pittsburgh Steelers new offensive coordinator speak and take questions from the media on Thursday as Mark Kaboly reports this morning via Twitter that the Steelers will hold a noon press conference on Thursday to officially introduce Todd Haley as offensive coordinator. The press conference figures to be the normal 15-20 minute variety and hopefully the media can pose some good questions to Haley that will not require the obvious politically correct response. I thought we would use this post as an exercise of sorts. What one question or questions would you like asked of Haley? I know Kaboly will read this post and perhaps a few other media people so fire away in the comments.

  • Chad

    Will you ever use an F’ing FullBack?

  • Bjrieken

    What are your thoughts on the empty backfield formation?
    How do you plan on getting Mendenhall to hit the hole instead of stutter stepping at the los?

  • indpa67

    Do you rely on specifice offensive system, or will you mold your style of offense to the strength of the players on the team?

  • Jason

    What type of control/leeway do you usually give to your QBs to alter or change plays?

  • Dodge9wolf

    Are you going to incorporate a true fullback in your offense?

  • Peter

    Will you instruct ben to NOT hold onto the ball for 5 to 10 seconds when no one is open and tell him to throw it away? Also, will you take the bubble screen and redzone fades out of the playbook completly?

  • SteelerNationVA

    Will you run different plays out of the same personnel group, let alone the same formation so that the defense can not anticipate the play call?

  • Jefferson St. Joe

    Are you bringing in a new offense and/or changing the terminology?

  • Jeremy Scott

    Do you see a role for Hines Ward in your offense?

  • r4kolb

    will you run an end around when you are on the opponents 1 yard line?
    will run the bubble screen so much the oppenents can read it and be there when the ball is thrown before our receiver?
    will you be happy having a top five QB and a top 5 group of receivers and being 21st in the league in scoring?
    will you always call a pass play 40+ yards down the field on 80% of your 3rd and 3 downs?
    will you never call a screen play to a back out of the backfield so the opposing D can just rush Ben and never have to worry about keeping honest?
    will you call Bruce and let him know we hope the door didn’t hit him as Mr. Rooney slammed it shut on his @ss?
    what is your ring size? Mr. Rooney has 6 and’s looking for #7

  • Fhsj

    So you want to do away with 60% of our offense, HUH.

  • Tom

    Can we still expect to see arguments on the sidelines or do you plan to tweak your coaching style and tone it down a bit?