Tomlin Not Happy With Camera Man Interrupting Him While Watching Kentucky Game

If you watched the Kentucky Wildcats versus the Ole Miss Rebels basketball game on Saturday, you probably caught the shot of Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, who was sitting court-side. Tomlin has been spotted at their basketball games before in the offseason and is real close reportedly to Joker Phillips, the Kentucky head football coach and defensive coordinator Rick Minter, who Tomlin coached under when he was at the University of Cincinnati. Tomlin was photographed with the Kentucky basketball team and their head coach John Calipari following their shoot around and Calipari posted it to Twitter. Also making the trip to Kentucky were Randy Fichtner, the Steelers quarterbacks coach and Scottie Montgomery, the wide receivers coach.



Tomlin seemed none too excited about the camera man interrupting his enjoyment of the game as he asked him, “You got enough, bro? You got enough? I\’m trying to watch the game”. The camera man is heard saying “We\’re on…” and followed that up by saying “I\’m moving” as they cut back to the action in the game. Tomlin is likely making his way out to Indianapolis as the NFL combine starts next week. If you are curious if there are any players that Tomlin might have been there checking up on, outside linebacker Danny Trevathan and strong safety Winston Guy are the two highest rated Kentucky football players that could get a look late in the draft by teams. Youtube video below

  • Kingtut499

    By far the Coolest Coach in the NFL. Coach Tomlin, I’d love to grab a Beer with you ! Go Steelers!

  • Come on, Tomlin! Stop acting like the baby you are. UK was treating you nice with those floor seats, the commentators were complementing you and you acted like that to UK nation? Coach Cal is a big fan of the Steelers. Show a little respect. You’re not too big to not have a 10 second camera shot dude. Did the camera guy look like Tebow or something?

  • Talk about attitude. Some people i.e. coaches would be so pleased to be recognized. Not Tomlin. He’s special. ugh

  • Heinzfieldhero

    To all the people that are saying he needs to relax. That’s a bunch of crap. Your just jealous that you don’t get attention, but I guarantee you’d get tired of it real quick. You have never been in the shoes of someone that gets interrupted and cant get to enjoy themselves anywhere they go. One of my friends used to play in the NHL for the penguins and I cant tell you how annoying it is when your having dinner and people interupt you mid bite to ask for an autograph. I heard a story awhile back that Troy Polamalu was out having dinner with his wife at a small restaurant. After his dinner was over, he addressed the patrons of the eatery. He was so thankful that nobody interrupted his meal, that he picked up the tab for the entire place. Not sure if that’s true or not, but having been in that situation before, I can definitely believe it.