Hines Ward Expected To Announce Retirement At Noon Press Conference

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward has scheduled a noon press conference for today on the South Side of Pittsburgh at the team\’s facilities.

The speculation is that Ward, the Steelers all-time leading receiver, may announce his retirement today. He has maintained that he still wanted to play up until now, after being informed of his release from the Steelers late in February, but he has yet to sign with a team once free agency began.

Ward played 14 seasons with the Steelers after being drafted out of the University of Georgia.

We will have the full audio and reaction to the press conference immediately after its conclusion.

  • Brikfist239

    They should have let him play if he wanted to play.. Doesnt seem fair to him after his long and triumphant career with our great city.

  • Joe D

    Glad to see Hines came to his senses and is retiring….
    He should have done it soon after the season ended instead of playing games with the Steelers.
    Steelers have the class to allow him in the facility to announce his retirement.

    He looked around in the free agency… saw there were no immediate takers… said to himself, time to Retire in grace.
    Farrior will announce soon also.

  • Joe D


  • Guest

    Professional sports are a business, not a charity. All the great ones reach the end at some point.