Report: Steelers Could Open Up 2012 Season Against Broncos On Sunday Night

Mike Klis, Denver Broncos beat writer from The Denver Post, reported Tuesday that the Broncos have received word there is a strong chance they will play their season opener Sept. 9 on NBC\’s “Sunday Night Football.”

Klis speculates that the Broncos opponent for that game could very well be the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New Orleans Saints or the New England Patriots. Klis also goes on to speculate that the Saints might not be the choice in light of the recent Bountygate scandal and the Patriots may not be the choice because that game is on the road.

Should the Steelers indeed wind up playing the Broncos in week one, the game would played at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and this would almost certainly rule out safety Ryan Clark from playing in week one because of his sickle cell trait. Clark almost died several years ago when the Steelers played in the Denver thin air and has sat out every game in Denver since that incident as a result. Clark even tweeted as much today as he his hearing the Steelers could indeed be facing the Broncos in week 1 as well.

The Broncos have made a lot of news this offseason with the signing of former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and the trading of quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. The game would be a rematch of course of the AFC Wild Card game last season that the Broncos won on the first offensive play in overtime as Tebow hit wide receiver Demaryius Thomas with a quick slant pass in front of cornerback Ike Taylor for an 80-yard walk-off touchdown.

The Steelers 2012 opponents are already known but the dates will not be officially announced until later in April. The Steelers have already been linked as a possibility to open up the 2012 NFL season against the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. The Giants will open their season at home on Wednesday, September 5th.

ETA: Ed Bouchette reports via Twitter the Giants will play host to the Dallas Cowboys to kick off the 2012 season, so that is one you can now mark off as a possibility.

As of right now it is all speculation, but it is looking good that the Steelers will likely play week 1 in prime-time.

  • costanza2k1

    so right off the bat we’l knock out manning for the rest of the season and the whole team will be suspended indefinitely…nice 😀

  • Nolrog

    Well, we gotta play Denver in Denver this year, so mind as well get it over with early.

    NFL is wasting a premium game though. For that first game, anyone would watch.

    FYI, Denver opponents at home are: Cleveland, Pitt, NO, Tampa, Houston and their division rivals of course.

  • PFT is reporting that the first game of the 2012 season, will be the Giants vs Cowboys.

  • Steelerfanmatt1933

    The Giants opener is on the 5th, not the 9th (typo).

  • SteelersDepot

    fixed it.

  • Eric87

    this kinda sux. every game against the broncos in the past few years has been in denver, maybe the nfl should switch it up a bit

  • greeny

    We all know we will be without R. Clark for this game.

  • Kingtut499

    As a Die Hard Life Long Steeler, Ryan Clark never scared me. He is always late on post end coverages. Never read the receiver and always go for the hit instead of beating the receiver to the spot and picking it off. He is very overrated & slow for a FS. I have never liked his game. He was the main reason for three of the losses last year including the last Baltimore game. He is the reason why Gay was burnt and now Gay is gone. He doesnt have to be blamed for Ryans antics. He took bad angles all year to the ball looking for that Highlight Hit! He also needs to STFU this off season. A lot of talk for an below average guy playing on a great team.With Troy covering so much field and the play being diagnosed at the snap it shouldnt take him so long to be in position for a pick or knockdown. Plus He never wraps up on a hit.We should find his replacement this year, so he can take his job then duck tape his mouth.

  • Kingtut499

    Clark almost single handedly let the Bengals beat us too with his poor coverage. What is this guy thinking about on the field. I dont like Clark in this pass happy league. I think his replacement is coming!