Report: Steelers Plan To Keep David DeCastro At Right Guard

The Pittsburgh Steelers introduced first round draft pick David DeCastro to the media today. Since his selection there has been speculation as to whether or not he would remain at right guard, where he started 39 games at Stanford over the last three seasons, or if the Steelers had plans on flipping him over to the left side. According to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, DeCastro will be a right guard initially according to a source of his.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said Thursday night in his press conference with General Manager Kevin Colbert following the selection of DeCastro, “He’s a right guard.”

If the sources of Kaboly are indeed correct, that would mean Ramon Foster will likely move to left guard, where he\’s made 5 of his 23 starts since signing with the Steelers as an undrafted free agent in 2009. Foster started a career-high 14 games in 2011 and played just over 1000 of the team\’s offensive snaps. The move also likely means that Doug Legursky, who started all 10 games he was active for in 2011, will now be the top backup to Foster, DeCastro and center Maurkice Pouncey should things indeed shake out as reported.

Both Foster and Legursky will be unrestricted free agents after the 2012 season as they are playing on one-year, restricted free agent tenders offered to them before the start of free agency.

  • CR

    I hope this stays true, I don’t want to see him move from RG. I now he would be able to but I like the idea better of leaving him at his original position. Don’t mess with what he knows best!

  • ToddinSyracuse

    Tells me they want him starting right away. Make the transition to NFL as easy as possible.

    Agree on the Foster move. Worked well with Gilbert last year on the right side so keeps the continuity. Hes a phone boother so no worries about him having to pull.

    Team will go from being right handed to left overnight.

  • Intropy

    Tomlin said “He’s a right guard” because he is a right guard. Tomlin didn’t say “He’s going to stay at right guard.” It’s not splitting hairs either. Tomlin likes to keep his options open and play his cards close to the chest. It is absolutely within his style to avoid the question in the media then go about the business of deciding in camp, behind closed doors.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    The “move Foster to LG” scenario makes the assumption that no other changes occur.

  • zbluez1

    With the plan appearing to be Colon, DeCastro, Pouncey, Foster, Gilbert, as starters at least so far, with DeCastro being the move guard and Foster being the mauler, That puts DeCastro & Colon on Haloti Ngata, DeCastro & Pouncey on Terrence Cody, Or Foster & Gilbert on Pernell McPhee for double teams, straight up Colon on Haloti Ngata, Decastro on Jameel McClain, Pouncey on Cody, Foster on Ray Lewis, and Gilbert on McPhee with Miller and/or D.J. probably attacking on Ngata’s side of the formation. I think I could see running lanes between the tackles being there to be had, draw Ed Reed into the box and play action off of that….looks pretty okay at first blush, still will have to deal with Suggs all over the place on passing downs, but if The Steelers can run effectively it should slow him down some….Of course my prognostication may be as broke as my telepathy, but if the Ravens vrs Steelers brawls come down to who can make more throws off of play action and possess the ball more, I think I will take the Steelers with that line as stated above. I still hope for Bobby Massie at right tackle and Colon as back up swing tackle, but, all in all, I’ll take the above line 6 out of 7 days a week.

  • Intropy

    That being said I think DeCastro staying at RG tends to make more sense. He has all the experience there, and OG is not nearly as asymmetrical as OT in terms of what kind of athlete you want at each place or even where you want your better player.

  • Scottrwhite803

    Tomlin called Timmons an OLB when he drafted him also….we see how that turned out.

  • Eric87

    I think people are make a huge deal about this. Playing left or right guard is not that huge of a difference unless the player is incapable of pulling in a certain direction. The other factor is that it seems that most teams have their best pash rushers on the right, so that may make the transition more difficult. But in terms of blocking and technique, there really isnt a huge difference. Having the strength in the arms and legs is more of a factor. Why do you think Colon keeps injuing his ankle, Pouncey as well. Also Aaron Smith’s bicep problems. Playing in the trenches is just that, slamming as hard as you can into each other to free up others, stronger and quicker players prevail.

  • Eric87

    All that being said, I believe Decastro would be a better fit at LG unless the Steelers start to flip their running plays around behind Gilbert and Foster on the left with Decastro pulling from the right to left

  • Eric87

    just saying no difference in left or right side unless you are talking about the quality of pass rushers that you are facing

  • Menace_501

    Everyone is forgetting Essex. Imagine him at guard after losing all the weight. Be interesting to see how much agility he gained. Some good competition building for left guard. I imagine Legursky will be the next Hoke of the OL.

  • Eric87

    Hopefully they can draft a LG still, there are still a few good players left at og, and I think they can grab one. They liked Kemeoatu alot until his Personal Fouls and Holding penalties killed drives, so maybe Silatolu would fit in his mold with him being called a “nasty” linemen.

  • Sonny

    Timmons is a terrible OLB, that was a big mistake

  • Eric87

    sounds like their plan