Should Steelers Trade Out Of Round 2, Dolphins Would Be Likeliest Of Trade Partners

Predicting draft day trades is next to impossible, but it is fun to look at what we might deem the Pittsburgh Steelers draft board might look like along with perceived needs to speculate what trades could possibly take place.

While Jeremy Hritz has already wondered if the Steelers will trade out of first round completely, I personally think they will stay put there if I had to lay some money down on it. The second round though is where I believe the best shot of move down and out could happen for the Steelers.

Judging by where I personally have players graded that coincide with needs the Steelers have, rounds three and four offer up some tremendous value. Players like Alabama nose tackle Josh Chapman and Michigan State safety Trenton Robinson are just a few names that look good in rounds 3 and 4 to go along with a bevy of guards, in what I consider a deep class this year for that position. One guard in particular that I have been high on is Brandon Brooks from Miami of Ohio and I feel very comfortable that the third round grade I have on him will stick. You may disagree with that assessment, and if so, there are a few others in this guard class that fit the Steelers bill in the 3rd if Brooks is indeed off the board by then.

When I look at the Steelers second round pick, 56th overall, I am not enamored with the value there that the Steelers could be faced with. Does that mean that there are not great players to be had there? No, and you never know what player or players might fall down there come draft day as well. From where I sit the Steelers second round selection will likely be a guard, tackle, inside linebacker or nose tackle, if they stay put. There is not a player that screams great value from either of those positions in round two from a value standpoint in my opinion. Many of you likely feel otherwise and I expect you will let those feelings be known in the comments below. Value, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

When you look back at the draft day trades that General Manager Kevin Colbert has made since he joined the Steelers, you will see that he has no problem moving the Steelers round two pick. You can\’t use draft day history as a predicting tool for future drafts though as the variables are so different from year to year. All you can do is point to it and that is what I am doing here. In 2006 and 2009 Colbert traded out of round two with the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos respectively. The 2006 trade with the Vikings was worth the Vikings two third round picks (83rd & 95th overall) that they had and the trade with the Broncos was also for their two third round picks (79th & 84th overall), but cost the Steelers their fourth round pick (132nd overall) to get the deal done.

Now obviously there has to be a dance partner to get a deal done with and the Steelers 54th overall selection, if indeed they were to trade it, would likely cost another team two third round picks to be worth the Steelers move out of the round. As we sit here in early April, that list is narrowed down to the Miami Dolphins, who have two third round picks currently (72nd & 73rd overall). Outside of Miami, that is it, unless the Steelers want to acquire later round picks from a team to go along with that teams third this year. Also future year picks might be an option, but that is something the Steelers have not shown a penchant of wanting to do.

One interesting side note with the Dolphins is that there are plenty of rumors that they could be interested in trading up a few spots in round one to draft Ryan Tannehill. That would surely cost them their second round pick (42nd overall) to do so and maybe more. Should it not cost them either of their third round picks to move up in round one, they might want to get back into round two by dealing both their thirds. Yes I know, highly speculative, but plausible, just like every other draft trade scenario one could conjure up.

Now I am not blind to the fact that the Steelers will not be the only team willing to jump out of round two for that right price, or any round for that matter, I am just pointing out the most obvious of scenarios should the Steelers be that team. Is it likely to happen? No, but it would not hurt my feelings to see them parlay their second round pick into two third round picks either as I think they could really get some great value with three third rounders.

I am usually good for one post a year around draft time to speculate a draft day trade, so consider this it. You can make arguments for hundreds of scenarios outside of this one, but I prefer to stick with those that jump out as the most obvious in my eyes.

So would you be happy to see the Steelers trade out of round two if it brought two third round picks in return, and if not, what player presents the most value in your eyes with the 56th overall selection in round 2?

  • PoKey21

    If we were to trade with the Dolphins and get the 72nd pick do you think it is possible that Tam’mu would still be sitting there in the early 3rd? I think he has a higher value than Chapmann. Then take Brooks in our original 3rd round spot. Lets say Donta in the first, and we would fill our 3 biggest needs at ILB, OG, NT. And still have 7-8 picks in rounds 4-7 (3-7ths, 4,5,6, and whatever we get from Miami for the 2nd we gave up).

  • Jprankster2005

    I don’t see the steelers drafting Hightower……. If they do even though there projected to I would be surpised……. and Ta mmu should be there in the 3rd that’s my favorite to get at NT but I don’t see them drafting a ILB til round 3 or later…… Fleener is my number 1 pick……. They should jump on him if he’s there in my opinion……..

  • Grw1960

    Colbert did ok trading out of round 2 in 2009. They hit on 2 out of 3 players in that 3d round.
    But I am against it this year because the Steelers are drafting 8 spots higher this year than they were in 2009.
    And personally I think round 2 and the early part of 3 (Picks 35 to 72) have much better overall OG talent than after that.
    Zeitler, Silatolu, Brooks and Osemele all could go in that area.
    Now if the Steelers take an OL player in round one. Then I say go ahead and trade out of round 2. Though I do like RB Pead and DT Mike Martin in that late 2 early 3 round.

  • martinlewis

    I thought the Dolphins had the 73rd and 77th picks overall in the 3rd round.

  • Steelerfanmatt1933

    Being that the Steelers have missed, as much as they have hit, in round 2 over the last 10 to 15 years, I’m not against them moving out of the second round, if no one screams “value”.

  • RW

    David Wilson (RB from VT) would be an intriguing pick. I, like everyone, am very high on Redman, but we need a change of pace back. All of our younger guys are big bruisers, so Wilson would be the perfect compliment. Plus, RBs often contribute immediately out of college if they show that they’re able to pass block. I would love a Fleener, Wilson, Brandon Brooks, Josh Chapman draft. That would be incredible. If a top tackle is available at 24, I’d take him over Fleener, otherwise I think the above draft would work well for me.

  • SteelersDepot
  • steelfootBalls

    If they don’t feel good about what is available by the 24th pick I would like to see them trade out of the 1st rd for a higher 2nd rd pk because I think that by the 56th pick Alameda will be gone. With all of the teams that incorporate the 3-4 he is gonna be a hot commodity by the top 1/3 of the 2nd rd. This would also give the option to still decide which guard they would like to pick that remains on their draft board. I personally like Brandon Washington out of the “U”. He has a lot of pwr, good drive to take on the larger d-linemen and he falls into the type of player that Tomlin likes because he has also played OLT. He is a nasty guard but not detrimental to the team with ill-advised penalties. They should be able to get an extra 3rd rd pick also which they can choose a number of players. Possibly a safety like Martin from OKST or Massie from Ole Miss. we need some insurance in case Colon hasn’t gotten his quickness back, kick him in to RTG and plant Massie in at ORT.

  • Kreiger

    I’d like to see the 1st round pick traded for a 2nd & 3rd, and then subsequently see them trade either both 3rds or a 3rd & 4th for a 2nd…. and end up with 3 2nd round picks.

  • Bleebo77

    These players offer late 2nd value if they’re available: Zeitler, Silatolu, Ta’amu, Josh Robinson, Ronnell Lewis, Mychel Kendricks, Massie, Mitchell Schwartz, Trumaine Johnson, Brandon Boykin, Brandon Taylor, Derek Wolfe.

    It’d be a slight reach for B. Brooks, Pead, McNutt, Markelle or Mike Martin.

  • Harold

    If I understand correctly, you are making two main points… (1) You feel we can get 3 starting caliber players in the 3rd round? (2) The drop off in talent between our 2nd round pick and our new 3rd round pick would not be enough to out-weigh an additional 3rd round pick?

    I think you might have a valid point at certain positions (OG, S, CB). At other positions (OT, NT, RB, ILB) I do not agree. The interesting part is this particular year we have at least 4 “openings” (LG, RG, NT, ILB) where a talented rookie could quickly become a starter if he performs well early, which is very rare for the Steelers. And another 2 positions where we are in desperate need of depth (S, TE). We could really use that extra 3rd round pick.

    I think you are looking at a couple of very particular scenarios that would work (for example: Hightower-Brooks-Chapman-Schwartz) But I honestly feel you might have to overdraft a couple of those guys to get them because some other team will reach. It would be highly fortunate if all of those guys fell to us in the third.

    I guess it’s a matter of taking 3 certain starters (in rounds 1-3) or gambling for 4 starters but maybe only ending up with 2.

  • Nolrog

    LOL. I was thinking the same thing.

  • Nolrog

    Fleener the TE in the first? Interesting. Having another TE would certainly help (and while Heath isn’t old he isn’t young either), but with the gaping holes at nose and on the OL, he better be a pro-bowl player to skip those two needs.

  • Derick

    Barron Batch

  • greeny

    Brooks will not be available in round 3. Mel Kiper is now projecting him in round 2 to Baltimore or SF

  • SteelersDepot

    Your, “3 certain starters” statement is pretty absurd as compared to only getting 2. You act l;ike third rounders never become starters and that 2nd rounders always do/ Make sure to re-read the post as no, I am not locked in on one scenario.

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    I am totally on board. It would be nice to come out with Brooks/Silatolu; Robinson; and Chapman. Personally I don’t know much on Robinson, but it seems like the Steelers are high on him and we need a safety to groom behind Clark and Troy. The other three, I believe will be quality starters for us in the near future.

  • SteelersDepot

    So what Kiper says goes?

  • Broderick Wallace

    I would be very surprised if he is available at pick #88 as his draft stock has improved. If the Steelers REALLY want him, they should grab him in the 2nd.

  • Jollyrob68

    We can trade our first for the Dolphins 2nd & 3rd according to draft value chart.

  • greeny

    Thanks Broderick. I feel the same way

  • Stan

    With the extra late picks I would think the Steelers would be more likely to trade up in the early and mid rounds than trade down. I think this is one of those years they stand pat early and trade a 4, 5 and 6 to get an extra 3. Otherwise there’s no room to even consider those extra 7th round guys for a roster spot.

  • RW

    We’ll have to see if he returns back to form before I can pass judgement, but if Batch is fine, I’m alright without David Wilson (although he’s a ridiculous RB)