Steelers 2012 Draft Picks Jersey Numbers

It is that time of year again as the new Pittsburgh Steelers draft picks and undrafted free agents have been issued their initial jersey numbers. I always like to disclaimer in these post that numbers are subject to change and that means you should be cautious in ordering jerseys until you know for sure your favorite player or players will indeed be wearing the number initially issued. Players have been known to change numbers after cut downs take place. Top round draft picks like David Decastro are usually safe buys as that number is unlikely to change, but you just never know.

Below are the jersey numbers issued today to the draft picks and undrafted free agents.

61GDavid DeCastro
76TMike Adams
51LBSean Spence
95NTAlameda Ta\’amu
22RBChris Rainey
11WRToney Clemons
48TEDavid Paulson
37CBTerrence Frederick
68G/TKelvin Beachum
2KGrant Ressel
3PDrew Butler
3WRMarquis Maze
5WRConnor Dixon
9QBAlex Tanney
30SRobert Golden
35CBTerry Carter
46LBAdrian Robinson
49LBBrandon Lindsey
66G/TDesmond Stapleton
68DEJake Stoller
69DEIkponmwosa Igbinosun
69C/GRyan Lee

  • Dave

    Also noticed that Barron Batch switched to #20 now that Bryant McFadden is gone, Corbin Bryant has #91, and Myron Rolle has #47. Also note that Rolle is listed as a CB, not a S

  • greeny

    I don’t understand how 47 is not retired

  • Dave

    P.S. Remember Alan Faneca had #65 for his rookie year until Jim Sweeney retired, then he switched to #66

  • Jprankster2005

    What’s the chances Rolle would make the team? I think he has alot to offer in the backup and ST…….. I really like this guy and hope he impresses……..

  • Kevin

    No Steelers #s are retired except Ernie Stautner’s number 70.

  • kyle

    The Steelers don’t retire numbers. Ernie Staunter’s is retired, I think but that’s the only one. There are certain numbers they don’t issue anymore but when you have 90 kids in camp there are only so many numbers to go around.

  • Mellymorales07

    Can this guy hold up to #51 Like James use to ??

  • Vegastj

    Steelers have only retired 1 # ever. Can you name him? It’s of course Ernie Stautner.

  • SteelyPete

    5150! was the shizzzzzz.. foote and Farrior

  • Woodleykills56

    I know they don’t retire number except Stautner. They just dont hand out certain players like Ham, Lambert, Greene, Harris, etc. But how can 47 be not included in that group?

  • steve

    Heyward started with 95 last year and went to 97…college number

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    I think he’s competing with Will Allen so take that as you will… My opinion is yes, but way too early to really say

  • Fish

    Are the rookies actually “issued” numbers or do they get to request a number as long as it’s within the typical range for the position they play? Just wondering.

  • steve

    I do private/public autograph signings with the players and I was told they are given the number, then after the dust settles(the final cuts) they can choose…Look at Heyward went to 97, That was Worilds number the year before, Cortez Allen, Curtis Brown and Dwyer all changed last year after the final cuts…Thats why Dave said above be cautious on ordering jerseys…

  • DK

    I notice that #78 is still out there is that a sign that starks maybe coming back soon?