The Terrible Podcast – Scout Dave-Te Thomas Returns To Talk More NFL Draft Episode

Steelers PodcastSeason 2, Episode 99 of The Terrible Podcast is up and since we had overwhelming feedback from the last draft talk podcast with NFL draft scout Dave-Te Thomas, I decided to have him back on again Sunday night for a special edition of the podcast. You asked, you receive as I get Thomas for a solid hour and we talk about several of the Pittsburgh Steelers pre draft visitors and a slew of other prospects that the Steelers might have their eyes on in the upcoming draft.

It is hard to recap this episode properly, but I hope you have an hour free as I threw question after question at him and nailed him down on a few of the early round prospects. We cover a few of the same names more in depth from the podcast along with a few more as well. Thomas is not on Twitter, but was amazed at the feedback he received from his last appearance. Make sure to drop him a line at scoutingservices {{AT}} aol {{DOT}} com to thank him for coming on the show. We hope to have him back on after the draft to talk about the Steelers draft picks.

So here you go, one hour of draft talk with Dave-Te. Enjoy.

As always, thanks for listening and don\’t forget to call or email with questions or comments and please pass us along to your friends!

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As always we love talking football, particularly Steelers football. We hope you enjoy listening! We hope you listen weekly and give us your feedback of two Daves talking Steelers football. Download it to your iPod or mp3 player and listen anytime.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 99 of Season 2 now of The Terrible Podcast.

The Terrible Podcast - Steelers Podcast

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  • Steelblitz43

    Thank Dave for all his information on the pod cast. Being a part of Steeler nation we truely value all the work you guys at Steelers Depot put into keeping us the most informed fans in the sports world. Thank you all!!


    Kudos again, Dave. He may be right, he may be wrong, but he is an enjoyable listen. He mentioned many teams utilize his services. Do the Steelers contract with him in any way?

  • Bleebo77

    Lots of fun listening to you and Dave-Te! After listening, I definitely have a list of players whose names I’ll be listening for come the draft. Dave-Te certainly has his convictions! However, even after listening to both Dave-Te podcasts, I’m as confused as ever about the 1st round?!

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    Great podcast, yet again. Loved that he was so high on Childs from Arkansas. I live in Little Rock and watch almost all the hog games so I am very well informed on Childs. He was a beast and Ryan Mallets favorite target before his injury. I definitely hope that he is the receiver steelers pick, let’s say 5th round. A lot of late round potential this year, hope we find us quite a few starters for down the road. I feel very prepared for this draft and can’t wait to see who is actually on the board when we pick. As of right now I totally agree with you on Brooks in the 2, and Chapman in the 3 but we shall see how the cookie crumbles

  • H.I.

    So now, after the draft, with the Bengals taking Zeitler @ 27 and hearing they “liked” him better than DeCastro, I came back to refresh my memory about what Dave Te said about him being a 2nd Rd ralent and a 5th Rd brain. If he gets beat, then his “tail is between his legs…blah, blah”. The problem I have is that does not match his scouting report whatsoever:

    “There is a reason that Zeitler was called “The Terminator” by teammates in the past – he plays with a very aggressive nature. Still, he showed remarkable field savvy, cutting down on costly mistakes, and even when he missed an assignment, he quickly blocked it out and got on to the next play.”

    So which is it? I don’t trust guys that can’t be consistant with their evaluations; especially guys that do this for a living. Complete opposite analysis from the same guy. I enjoy yalls’ podcasts, but hope that you consider this type of inconsistancy before bringing him back on the show again.

  • SteelersDepot

    Dave has a whole team that writes those reports. Not just him. Willing to bet Dave did not write that one report. There are quite a few scouts on his team.

  • H.I.

    Makes sense, to a point, but since his name is tied to it, he should QC what he is publishing under his name, because it’s not published as Dave Te Thomas’ “team” evaluation…you know what I mean?

    I just wanted to inform you of what I noticed. Thank you for the response and clairification!

  • SteelersDepot

    Next time I talk to him I will try to bring this up. “The write up” section I believe is mostly for the media. The actually scouting report, bottom half of piece, Is what is distributed to teams I believe. Have you found a negative “media” write up in all of the free stuff? It may be his personal opinion of the kid.

  • H.I.

    No, I really have not found anything negative in respect to his mental toughness. The “free” report I read was on that website I posted, which was an example of his work. The positiv comment came from the bottom half of the piece. Thanks again! Great work! Love your stuff!!