Steelers Figure To Have David DeCastro Under Contract Soon

I posted recently about what likely was the hold up on the Pittsburgh Steelers getting first round draft pick David DeCastro under contract. Now it seems like the logjam ahead of DeCastro is starting to move thanks to the New England Patriots drawing the line in the sand this past week with their first round pick Chandler Jones, the 21st overall selection this past April.

Jones deal was for the mandated four-years, but only three years of it is fully guaranteed & only $752,284 of his final year. The theory is that DeCastro and his agent were waiting to see just how far down the four year guaranteed deals fell, and with Jones being selected three picks ahead of DeCastro, there will not be much left to haggle over. This means the Stanford guard should be under contract soon thanks to the slotting system,.

DeCastro is not able top take part in any of the Steelers OTA sessions or June mini-camp because of the graduation rules at Stanford. Those rules did allow him to take part in the rookie camp though immediately following the draft.

The Steelers currently have seven of their nine draft picks currently under contract with only DeCastro and third round pick Sean Spence yet to sign. There is no word what the holdup might be with Spence, but both certainly should have their deals wrapped up soon.

  • Jason White

    Good to know. Cant wait to get the season or atleast training camp underway. I am excited to see how the O-line gels as well as some of the position battles. With everything that’s occurred this offseason I think we are in store for an exciting season.

  • Jprankster2005

    Jones contract was like 7.5 million guartneed…… with a little over 4 million signing bonus…… I don’t think it matters if they guarntee his last yr. or not……. Because he’s going to be the future for years to come at the guard spot……. So after his 4 yrs. are up he will likely get another deal that will pay him alot more……. I was looking over the patriots players contracts and they sign guys really cheap…… I think it’s because alot of players will go there just because they have Brady……. None of there recievers besides Welker has a 2 million cap hit….. They have all kinds of guys Fanene cheap…… I wish they were cap strapped like us……But hey they have the worse Defense in the leauge and think they will again this yr. even with Jones and Hightower……Those guys might contribute a little but not alot this yr. maybe next they will shine…… I can’t wait til Brady calls it quits, I hate the ravens but I hate the Patriots more…….. And that’s saying something…..

  • SteelersDepot

    Why would you guarantee a final year when you don’t have to. That makes no sense. The kid could blow out his knee in the first practice. So yes, it does matter.

  • Jprankster2005

    I understand what your saying…… that would hurt if he did…… But I’m just saying I think Decastro is going to be around here for along time….. Unless of course you said a major injury….. But We have a guy in Hampton that probably has a 50 percent chance of seeing real playing time…… And there still paying him….. But your right…… I just look at the bright side and not the business side I guess…… Which it’s a business so they gotta look out for there investments…… Which is why I’m surprised Hampton is still a Steeler….. I say that because he is a big guy and older and a normal rehab for a normal person ” Not a guy with a nickname BIG SNACK LOL” is 8 to 12 months and with him I would see atleast a yr…… But good coment your right on with that……..

  • Pierce


  • Jason White

    Nah not that Jason White lol.

  • Wdmason

    Hampton took a pay cut and he will not need as much recovery time as a skill position.

  • Jprankster2005

    Yes I know he took a pay cut 3.09 million but he’s still making 2.8……. I do believe he did alot for this team and I don’t really agrue with the fact that he’s getting what he is…… But If he plays in 4 games this yr. I’ll be shocked……. I dont think he will play in any period…… It doesn’t matter if your a skill player yes he doesn’t run alot, But he gotta plant his legs into the ground every play…… That would be harder than actually running straight, Now making cuts I understand…….But if you expect to see Hampton play a good bit this yr. It’s not going to happen…..

  • SteelersDepot

    Won’t play in any games? WHAT? Seriously do you sit around making this stuff up?

  • kevin

    Even moreso Dave, I think not guarantee is more important as a policy matter than regarding any individual player. David Decastro may be one of the safer picks that could be made, but next years pick or the year after may not be. Further, it will have a cascade effect that would probably lead to all of the first round being guaranteed within one to two years. I don’t think it is a slippery slope that would lead beyond the first round, but agents would certainly push any advantage. I am glad that the Steelers waited.

  • SteelSpine

    This helpful scoop & analysis from DaveB & SteelersDepot staff just reminds me: This is THE site for any serious NFL-fan wanting more scoop than just who’s a better QB. Without the much scoop the staff gives on this website, offseason would be TOO long, so Thanks!!

  • Jprankster2005

    You actually think big Hampton with that injury is going to come back and play this yr… I would bet alot of money on that….. He won’t be back this yr. it takes a normal person 8 to 12 months and he’s way overweight…….His career is done…… I guess if u wanna call it making stuff up…… Hines Ward got a better shot of playing this yr. then Hampton does…..

  • Jprankster2005

    You are very right…… I love the site because they tell you all the news and also comment on alot of opinions lol….. I don’t have a problem when someone calls me out if I’m wrong….. But I watch the same team and same plays that they do also… I might not know the business side as much as the actual football side….. But hey it doesn’t hurt to have people disagree……. So I will keep coming back to this site as long as it’s here…… I love the work all yr. around and you actually see who the real fans are that come way before the season……. So keep it up this is the only place that shares articles everyday……. Good Job Guys…….

  • Guaranteeing the 4th year, means that the Steelers have to pay a player a salary in year 4, even if something happens to the player that prevents him from being able to play football. If DeCastro were to suffer a career ending injury early in his career, then the Steelers would be on the hook for his salary. That’s why they don’t want to guarantee any more years than absolutely necessary.

  • An athlete can return to sports as early as 6 months after surgery. The average recovery time in 9 months. The length of time it takes for an athlete to return, and be effective, depends on the position they play. RB’s take longer, because of the forces the exert on their knee when they change direction. Defensive lineman don’t rely on bursts of acceleration, or change of direction, so they tend to come back earlier. Also, Hampton has rehabed this type of injury before.